BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G Browser Battle!

Kevin just finished launching a metric ton of BlackBerry Storm coverage over on, including the compulsory unboxing pr0n, bumpy typing test, and an iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry Storm browser battle. If we recall the last time an iPhone 3G met a BlackBerry (Bold) in single web combat, the buggy Bold caused Kevin himself to throw in the towel.

This time?

The Storm still lacks Javascript chops (attn: RIM, see SquirelFish, Tracemonkey, V8, etc.!) so turns it off by default. The iPhone OS 2.1 browser is a tad crash prone. Fair fight? Well, let's not forget the Berry's is likely still itching to brawl over the most recent sales, satisfaction, and reliability figures, b'okay? But it's the fastest fight Kevin had time for... for now.

The results?

iPhone did better when the Storm had Javascript on, but took a beating and crashed and burned twice when the Storm defaulted to Javascript off (and the iPhone still had it on).

How much of a role was played by the difference in network speed between Verizon's EVDO rev A and AT&T's HSDPA we don't know, and since the Storm completely lacks WiFi, a pure browser test may forever elude us. (Early bird Walt Mossberg claims he got different results in different locations where each network had stronger or weaker signals, of course, but that the iPhone on WiFi was consistently the fastest -- we'd add to that WiFi enables all sorts of additional networking features as well, like file exchange and remote control).

In either case, judging by how fast the blogerati have jumped on the Storm wagon, and how often the iPhone is coming up in the coverage, that this rivalry has only just begun!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G Browser Battle!


@ Grazer
Damn... TIME wasn't even fair with their assessment of the storm. I read all the other reviews and they had something different to say about it. Not to say that it is better than the iPhone or anything, but damn that was just harsh when they said to steer clear of it like it had a disease or something. Anyways, I'm going to check it out tomorrow for a private showing by the Blackberry rep and I'll see what the storm is really like with my own personal hands-on.

What in god's name was that horrible audio in the background? I would have found it more instructive if they were /describing/ what they were testing. To me, I'm not sure what're supposed to come away with from watching this video. shrug

Even the Storm unboxing porn was lame.
The screen protector was all bubbly. The accessories were thrown in all willy-nilly. CD cover was bent.
UGH. Made me feel dirty. Now I need to go bathe, then search for some old iPhone unboxing footage, just to cleanse my palate.

RIM makes fantastic phones -- when they're not trying to mimic the iPhone. The Bold is worthy competition; not this imitation.
I'm not sure why the average person would want an iPhone-esque phone when they can have the real thing.
Hopefully, RIM will go back to doing what they do best: make awesome, reliable, smartphones with top-notch keyboards and second-to-none e-mail.

Why would Kevin even post results when the iPhone's browser crashed for whatever reason? I'd say those results are inclusive and if the Bold crashed like that we would never have seen any video. Crackberry is getting desperate for a device to topple the iPhone it seems.

While the iPhone3G/Bold browser test seemed to be quite reliable (same conditions, settings, etc.), I can't see how this test could mean anything at all. Comparing iPhone with JS enabled vs. BB with JS disabled doesn't seem to me like a fair battle. And the "Real World, default settings" explanation doesn't convince me either.

Yeah... ummm This isn't really even an argument. Blackberry lovers can say whatever they want, truth is i'll ignore it.
NO WIFI. <<< Nuff said.

My comment on
Very nice, Kevin! will, of course, run our own tests, using a cardboard cut out of the iPhone 3G vs. your video of the Storm. We predict Safari will crash less!
What's up with the lack of WiFi, though? Is RIM going all Battlestar Galactica on wireless? I know WiFi on the iPhone leaves me open to the frakken Cylons, but with warp speed, exchanging files via Zero Config, sweet, sweet remote desktop over 802.11g, and otherwise integrating with home automation and virtually every other WiFi equipped device on the planet... at least I'll have fun before I'm nuked.
Any chance the GSM Storm will get WiFi?
Waiting on your review. Be kinder than Time. Please :)

I never thought of this but I should have kept my numbers from the browser tests I sent Kevin regarding the Bold vs iPhone on AT&T. I can tell you the Bold did fair better than the first set of tests Kevin did but it is still a no contest.
Beating the iPhone in browsing is a very tall order that I don't see anyone coming close to. Sorry RIM fans.

@ Jeremy Sikoria and Rene Ritche
I had the chance to play with the Storm this morning from a Blackberry rep who showed it to me in the back of my local Verizon retail store the day before release and I ran the same tests in a Verizon Wireless store and I got different results… My iPhone 3G beat the **** out of the Storm. And also, the Storm renders pages HORRIBLY… I wouldn’t suggest anyone get the Storm that was thinking about getting the iPhone. It’s true, the Storm might be better than a lot of other smartphones on the market currently, but it’s light years away from being even much less beating the iPhone 3G.
Just the thought of it RIM thinking they could out due Apple on their 1st attempt makes me lol.
Below are a little eye candy for those who doubt me…

I gotta say, the "STORM" has proven to be the true I Phone killer. For those that cant seem to see a comparison are truly blind. There is no comparison. Just the video quality has proven to be more superior than that of the I phone and I pod touch. No WiFi, big deal. Why would I want to be tied down to a network in which I can't walk away from freely more than 20 feet. Verizon's EVDO has proven to be the fastest time after time, after time. Assides from all of the great features the Storm offeres business users like myself, has anyone looked at the camera resolution? 3.2 and the picture can be sent instantly through MMS. Yeah, the I phone can also take a picture with it's 2.0 camera but, whats the deal with having to log in to your email in order to send it. This defeats the entire purpose of "instant" messaging. It's not called "have to log in to your email and send a picture messaging.!"

Haven't had chance to use the storm yet. Just think it's funny how blackberry user's have been bashing the stating that us owners needed to buy real phones! And how great there blackberrys are! Well if that's the case when I upgraded from the 1st generation to the 3G version why do the blackberry owners asking me for my old if I according to them I needed to buy a real phone! I'm not trying to bash them about how my phones better than there's. I have come to the conclusion they must be jeoulous of the way they want to bash the Blackberry in my opinion even as a company must realize the is best cell phone ever made they have gone & tryed copying apples product. Only downfall I have with my isn't actually with the phone it's with At&T!!!! Not my favorite carrier that in my opinion is U.S.Cellular!