BlackBerry working on BBM fix following iOS 7.0.3 font fubar

BlackBerry working on BBM fix following iOS 7.0.3 font fubar

Stop me if this sounds implausible even for a Damon Lindloff movie, but right after BlackBerry finally shipped BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS on Monday, Apple's iOS 7.0.3 update broke it on Tuesday. Adam Zeis on CrackBerry:

The heat of the issue lies with the font that BBM uses, "HelveticaNeue-Italic", and the fact that it was removed in the 7.0.3 update. This is causing various issues within BBM on iOS and making it crash in certain scenarios.

BlackBerry is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Hopefully they ask for and get an expedited review and the updated gets posted at Facebook speed.

Meanwhile, BBM for iPhone will be unstable and annoying. Where exactly HelveticaNeue-Italic went is another question...

Source: CrackBerry

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BlackBerry working on BBM fix following iOS 7.0.3 font fubar


Hope it is a bug. It would be one where apple would need to rush to get a new build out. Should not take long to so it. Just add back in the missing font resource and recompile and the release.

It won't let me get past the "holding your place in line" screen anyway, so not a big issue. I have a BlackBerry ID tied to my email, and I still can't get in. I got the email (finally this morning) and still nothing, so a missing font is the least of my worries.

I get unlimited texts anyways and use Voxer if I need to message/talk to someone who doesn't have iMessage overseas, otherwise, domestically, its another app that I'll stop using in a few days.

Lol typical Apple low blow move. And it's great that Apple is intimidated by BBM that it will effect iMessage's usage in a major way. I'd be too if all or most of my customers ditched my messaging service for a competitor's.

removed because it is redundant. Teach me to try and edit in the iPhone app... :)

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removed because it is redundant. Teach me to try and edit in the iPhone app... :)

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And there's some kind of bug also because I can now download the app, although I own an iPod Touch 5th. But the app is useless, I can't use it. Probably because of that bug the article mentions. Maybe iPad Wifi only users can download it too.

I believe it's any iDevice running 7.0.3. So if u want to use it, I'd suggest against updating until blackberry releases a fix.

But prior to the update, I couldn't download the app. If you see list of compatible devices, iPod touch isn't there.

this has to substantially boost the number of downloads for blackberry,
I have noticed this bug also applies to voice notes sent/ recieved

The tinfoil hat industry must be rubbing their hands in glee today judging by some of the comments posted. LOL

yup.....I've got a really good pattern and I mass produce them these days....would you like me to send you a care package???? :-D

Well you know...I updated last night and my BBM is working just fine this morning. So to the tin hatters....seriously need to take some chamomille tea and relax a bit.

Hey now q, we're going on faith that what was reported was actually true and accurate . . . So I'll put that one back on Mr. Zeis . . .

You epitomize the word "hating" and "trolling" in all of your senseless comments. Do you have anything good to say? You're a waste of a scroll on my mouse...

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I can't move past 'setting up BBM' stage. I have been stuck here for the past two days. It's just spinning endlessly. I would appreciate any solutions to this problem