Now you can block retweets from individual users with Tweetbot 2.3 for iPhone and iPad

Now you can block retweets from individual users with Tweetbot 2.3 for iPhone and iPad

The widely popular twitter client for iPhone and iPad, Tweetbot, has been updated to version 2.3 and brings with it some great new features, including a new tweet detail view with both inline conversations and replies, the ability to stop retweets from individual users, new gestures, and more.

The new tweet detail view is very neat, but I admit that I actually very rarely look at tweet details. I'm more excited about the new conversation view that also includes replies. Many other Twitter apps mix all replies into the conversation stream making it hard to follow, but Tweetbot clearly labels which tweets are in the conversation at hand, and which ones are replies to the specific tweet you are looking at. Very nice.

The other extremely awesome feature is the ability to block retweets from individual users. That person you are following who has the tendency to retweet what seems like everything in their Twitter feed can now be silenced! If you block their retweets, you only see the original tweets from that user in your feed-- some of the people I'm following better watch out!

Tweetbot has also made some adjustments with regards to tweeted videos. Video thumbnails will now show a play button over it as a way to indicate that it's a video and not a photo. Thumbnail support for Vimeo links has also been added.

Some of the other new features include Droplr support, higher res image uploads when connected to wifi, support for $stock links, improved email format, reorganized tweet drawer, Timeline sync bookmark icon is optional, and holding down the Compost Tweet button will quickly open last draft.

I've always been a huge fan of Tweetbot. Occasionally, I switch to a different client, but I always end up returning to Tweetbot. Fellow Tweetbot users, what's your favorite new features in this update?

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Now you can block retweets from individual users with Tweetbot 2.3 for iPhone and iPad


i was reading the first paragraph and i read "Tweeks" and i kept trying to think it was a combination of twitter and another word, but couldnt figure it out. you know like peeps + twitter = tweeps..etc.
the interwebs has demolished my brain.

lol. We went ahead and changed the wording on that one :)
...and I'm surprised no one commented on my "compost" tweet typo.

URL shrinking has been available for a while. Twettbot even lets you choose which service to use. You don't see the URL shrunk because Tweetbot shows you the real URL.

Yep. Using tweet marker and iCloud. Althoug with iCloud you may experience syncing issues with DM and the MUTE feature but rebooting device solves the problem. Hasnt happend to me again.