Blog vs. Blog: Chuq Sheds Light on Daring Fireball/GigaOm MobileMe-nia

Blog vs. Blog: Daring Fireball vs Gigaom

C'mon. A day without a MobileMe post is like a day without rain. Or something. So after yesterday's John Gruber vs. Om Malik showdown, former Apple insider Chuq Von Rospach has strapped on the gloves and joined the fray -- in impressive fashion.

Says Chuq, after joking that Jobs is likely walking the MobileMe halls with a flame thrower round about now:

Gruber nails this (see below). MobileMe is a tiny thing compared to iTunes. Apple gets it, and executes it amazingly well. That this release was botched isn't about Apple not having a clue, but about the MobileMe people either blowing it (I can think of any number of scenarios -- scaling it hard). The ultimate failure seemed to be more capacity planning mistakes than anything else, if I'm guessing right. but the ultimate failure was not being willing to tell Steve "we aren't ready" and taking that heat. They thought they could release and make it work, and guessed very wrong (or thought they were in good shape, which is worse).

The entire post is a fascinating read -- chock full of insights, especially about new Apple VP of Internet Services (iTunes + MobileMe + App Store) Eddy Cue, whom comes off looking like a boss just a little to the right of Darkseid...

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Blog vs. Blog: Chuq Sheds Light on Daring Fireball/GigaOm MobileMe-nia


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