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Bloombox natural iPhone amplifier dock doubles as a fancy planterIf you like quirky designs and love your iPhone then this particular Kickstarter project may be just up your street. Say hello to Bloombox, no that’s not a typo, it’s a play on words to pretty much describe exactly what this project is about. It’s first and foremost a charging dock for your iPhone but also offers an acoustic amplifier through It’s simplistic hollow square framed design along with a place to plant a few bits of greenery.

The Bloombox is made out of ceramic molds created at Mudshark Studios. Each Bloombox is painted with a light matte glaze in either white or black. The Bloombox was born out of the combination of my three driving passions and my own need for a dock. Design, ceramics and technology (namely Apple products) all culminated together to create a habitable environment and acoustics for iPhone and iPod docks out of one single piece of ceramic.

The design aesthetics are simple and compliment Apples iPhone & iPod devices. The Bloombox was designed to have enough room to create a functioning environment for most small plants and also amplify the audio from your device by 30 percent.

The Bloombox is certainly different and not something that I have seen before. It would certainly not look out of place in a smart apartment or luxury home. The thought of watering plants right under your iPhone makes me a little concerned; so you would have to make sure it was done very carefully.

If you like the idea of the Bloombox dock, you can become an early adopter with a pledge of $50 or more to secure one should they make it into production. The Bloombox currently has around $3,200 of pledges and it needs to hit over $5,000 to gain enough to be funded; it still has 32 days to go. As with all of these Kickstarter projects, just because a particular item reaches its funding total doesn't guarantee it will go into production.

Do you think the Bloombox is a good idea or is it a little bit over the top?

Source: Kickstarter


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Claire9202 says:

I want this for my office, finally a dock that's more than a slab of plastic or metal!

Appletitude says:

Stupid. Bad acoustics. Waste of time and resources.

zenwaves says:

I'd need to hear more sound samples in the video before I'd contribute.