blueSLR - accessory and app review

blueSLR is a bluetooth accessory for Nikon DSLR's that pairs with your iPhone to embed GPS information into your files as well as allow you to use your iPhone as a remote shutter release. The folks at XEquals sent me a unit to test out and share with you. To find out what I think, follow along after the break!

The hardware is very compact and doesn't add much bulk to your camera. It plugs into the slot labeled "GPS" and blends in with the camera rather well. There is a small light for indicating bluetooth connection to your iPhone. Once connected, you can use the blueSLR companion app to send GPS data to your Nikon camera to geotag your photos.

The app is very simple and strait forward. Your GPS location information is displayed on the main screen as well as a shutter release button. You can also easily set a timer and tell the camera to take as many as 10 shots. If you only want to use blueSLR as a remote shutter release, you can simply disable the GPS function and save battery life on your iPhone. I'm hoping that a future update adds the ability to adjust camera settings like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

There are three blueSLR models that cover compatibility with the following Nikon DSLR models: D3100, D5000, D90, D3(S), D200, D300(S), and D700. At this time, blueSLR is not available for Canon cameras, but XEquals hopes to bring that functionality soon.

If you use a compatible Nikon DSLR camera, blueSLR makes an excellent addition to your camera bag and can be yours for $149.

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Leanna Lofte

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blueSLR - accessory and app review


Hi Leanna,
I agree with what you said at the end, as I too would like to be able to set my camera to manual and be able to adjust ISO, shutter speed and aperture from within the app itself. One other thing that kind of killed this app for me (by your review) though is that you can only set the shutter speed to a maximum of 10 seconds. All Nikon DSLR's that I know of can go up to 30 seconds in-camera, or more via Bulb mode. I've run into several instances where I need about 1-2 minutes of exposure time at night, if not more. If it were able to do those things, I'd drop $150 in about 2 seconds.
Also, I have the new Nikon D7000. Any news on if it's compatible with the D7000?

You might want to add to the review that, according to the product page, the ipad and some generations of iPod touch are also supported.

The hats are really getting old... I'm almost to the point of not watching anything you do anymore which is sad because you used to be my favorite reviewer.

Don't be a jerk. Maybe there's a reason she's wearing a hat, like having part of her head shaved for a procedure... who knows... anyway, if you're that obsessed with the appearance of the person delivering the review and not the content, who cares if you don't watch anyway.

Very nice. Having just brought a Nikon digital SLR, being able to add co-ordinates so easily would be great, but i'm not sure it's worth $149.

At first glance this looks really cool.
But, since I use my Nikons daily I would suggest that it's important that a device is either out of the way of my hands or it form fits the camera body.
As it appears in the photos above, it looks like it'll place lots of stress on my cameras port and eventually it'll break off, fly off or make the connection unstable.
Yes, it's cool but at least with Nikon's GPS, it's out of the way. So my vote is to send it back to the drawing board for something ore ergo.