Bluetooth-enabled 94Fifty basketball helps you bring your A-game at #CESlive

94Fifty was at CES 2014 demonstrating their recently-launched Bluetooth-enabled basketball, and it’s pretty impressive even if you’re not into sports. This baby charges wirelessly, communicates detailed information to your mobile device, such as spin and shot angle, and connects to the wider world through social challenges. Serious basketball players can run through a wide variety of drills, which include handling, shooting, and everything in between.

Not only is the sensor accuracy on the basketball itself is really solid, but the app is highly polished, providing real-time feedback as you’re training. There’s even audio feedback that sounds like a real coach that barks at you to make corrections mid-drill.

The 94Fifty is a little pricey, but anybody that’s really into basketball will definitely find that it’s money well-spent. You can order one now from Amazon, Apple, or directly from 94Fifty.

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Bluetooth-enabled 94Fifty basketball helps you bring your A-game at #CESlive


I know there's a target market for this and it would really be useful to some but I can't help but chuckle a little at the idea of a basketball with Bluetooth connectivity. And I admit the app looks great.