Bluetooth-enabled H20-Pal makes sure you get enough water each day at #CESlive

H20-Pal isn’t a Bluetooth-enabled water bottle per se. This simple but smart little gadget we found at CES 2014 is actually a small wireless scale that attaches to the bottom of your favorite existing water bottle, and based on the weight, determines how much water (or, in theory, any other liquid) you’ve been drinking on a daily basis. This information is shot over periodically to your smartphone, which will buzz you if you haven’t had enough water in a day, and monitor your long-term progress.

Technically this isn’t a particularly complex piece of equipment, but its positioning as a health product for something we overlook daily, H20-Pal offers a sensible, low-profile solution. Best of all, it should be retailing for an altogether reasonable $60 when it launches in the first half of this year.

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Bluetooth-enabled H20-Pal makes sure you get enough water each day at #CESlive


Couldn't I just look on the side of the bottle that measure the amount I'm drinking. I don't see the need, but maybe someone could use.

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