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A website called offers a full library of copyright free books available for reading right on your iPhone, from within Safari. Once you visit the site you'll need to create a free account profile, complete with username and password. After logging in you'll be able to browse a fairly substantial library of works by drilling down into categories and authors to find anything that suits your fancy.

The experience isn't thrilling, but does make for a wonderful way to pass the time when you find yourself stuck in dull situations, like office meetings, child berthings, that sort of thing.


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Reader comments Does Exactly What it Says


It's better than nothing, but just barely. These books are antiques and, while literature remains literature, I do enjoy contemporary fiction a little more than Homer.
The one app I had on my Treo that I miss is an eBook reader. Nothing like reading a good SF book by Haldeman, Bear or others.
-- Mikie

Now you can upload your own e-books, texts, documents, poetry, lyrics and read it on iPhone.

iFace is like a virtual business card and iFace iPhone Icon Maker. I just made mine. You can share it for free with anyone. People can call you and email you from iFace. I attached my directions to my office, google maps, my twitter, my facebook, my website, my youtube videos. It's truly the bomb. and no I'm not the owner. I wish I was! It's fricking hot.

Just a small smiler to spread the good words and thank you for your great site
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies. :)