Bose enters Sonos territory with the SoundTouch WiFi music system

Bose has entered the WiFi music system space currently dominated by Sonos with their its latest product, the SoundTouch. Essentially the same principle as a Sonos system, the Bose SoundTouch system comprises three different speaker units that hook into your WiFi network to allow streaming from selected Internet music services as well as using AirPlay to send music from your iOS device.

Initially the SoundTouch will support Pandora, with the likes of iHeartRadio and Deezer to follow. Pandora in particular is useless outside the United States, so no doubts a lot of folks interested in this system will hope for support for Spotify and Rdio down the line. There's a free iOS app to help you control the SoundTouch which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and down the line there is also to be a Windows and a Mac application as well. This is in addition to a hardware controller.

It's also a little pricey. Here in the UK, two of the units cost £349.95 while the largest unit costs a pretty whopping £599.95. If you're into your Bose equipment, these prices won't come as too much of a shock, but for most, the slightly cheaper and better supported Sonos may still be the better option.

Source: Bose

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Reader comments

Bose enters Sonos territory with the SoundTouch WiFi music system


What some people don't know about the equivalent Sonos unit is that it requires another $50 adapter, called a Bridge, to enable their units to run on WiFi. So the Bose unit actually has a better price point since it has built in WiFi streaming capabilities.

Probably going to pick up the Bose unit soon.

Right now the Bridge is FREE with any of the units including the #1. I already have the Sonos system and they really do not work with the Bose. The Soundbar from Sonos with two of the #1 in the rear and a sub from Sonos will knock your socks off!!!!

Sonos is definitely the more mature system but Sonos is not going to be able to stave them off. Bose's distribution and loyal fan base are legendary. Plus they've got all the elements they need. Outdoor speakers, 5.1 systems, Wave Radio and more that are SoundTouch enabled.

I will have to see how the reviews stack up but Bose's entry is pretty strong despite not having as many streaming providers at launch.

I doubt that. Sonos is a nice system but i've never been that impressed with their audio quality. I suspect the Bose speakers will sound better. Bose has far better experience here.