Box app update brings new design; download now to get 50GB of free storage!

Box has updated its iPhone and iPad app to version 3.0, and the app has been completely rewritten, with a new design, better rendering, and more. Box for iOS has a new UI and new navigation, as well as a new preview experience for documents and media. Loading photos and documents is faster than previous versions, and sharing controls have been improved. Box also promises that AirPrint support, bookmarks, and saving videos from Box to your Camera Roll are all coming in the near future.

In addition to all of these improvements, Box is giving away 50GB of storage for life to users who download the new app and log in before February 15, 2014. You can grab the universal app from the App Store right now for free.

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Reader comments

Box app update brings new design; download now to get 50GB of free storage!


I have 50 GB from some earlier promotion (Palm Pre I think?)

Just downloaded the new app, seems like I still have 50.

A friend of mine got 50 when he had an android and it stayed the same for him as well when he tried on his iPhone. Maybe it's only for those who haven't had 50 gig yet. Just a guess.

Joseph..... Since this BOX update went live I have been using it extensively and have noticed that this app suffers from poor video playback speeds. Unlike the fast load/playback I receive via my Dropbox app this one buffers constantly (even on WIFI). I have tried various videos of different lengths only to get the same result. Have you noticed this similar issue?

@projectman. I think if you download the update to the Box app and log in you'll get the 50 GB. Hope I'm right so you get it.
I became a new user. 50 GB from a well established and respected company is to good to pass up.

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I think there is still a 250mb upload limit per file. You have to pay to upgrade to raise that limit.

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Box is much more business oriented than DB. I use both because both offer a great service but Box is for business and DB is for personal.

I got 50gb way back with the HP Touchpad promo/debacle. But somehow along the way it was doubled to 100gb, don't even remember how. And it's showing a 5gb file limit. Not sure how I ended up with all that for free, but not complaining either :)

Yup, there is. I'm hoping they would it raise it in the future to at least 1gb. If that happens, I might have to let go of other cloud storage services I'm using.

Yep you just get the 50gig when you sign up. Seems like a nice app although in terms of usability I can't see how it is much different from Dropbox. Good for there to be healthy competition though

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If this promo is like the BlackBerry promo, you can send invites out to your friends to get that 50gb offer....or send invites out to your Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail address to get 150gb for yourself. ;)

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Forgive him. He's an idiot fagdroid. You'll just need to update and sign in to box. I got mine weeks ago. This 50gb is forever.

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Thank you. My wife would be upset if she found out that I smoke and text on my BlackBerry 10. ;)

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Just download this. I like that there is an app for the Mac as well. This is a great way to get people to use this service.

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Box is so slow, and the sync folder is unusable. Takes hours to sync small files.

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