Box Office Now Playing (Again) in the App Store

Box Office is back. Only it's been rebranded as Now Playing. Only you can't find Now Playing in the App Store. But you can find Box Office. In iTunes. But not on the iPhone. Sorta.

Confusing much? We're right there with you. We figure the name change is messing with the search systems, which will hopefully sort themselves out shortly. In any event...

Rumors have swirled since Apple pulled Box Office a few weeks back, covering everything from the name "Box Office" itself creating trademark issues, to Rotten Tomatoes objecting to their data being scraped, to the "donate" button violating the SDK, to Steve Jobs hating the exact shade of gray used for the inner bevel of the 3rd line down. There doesn't seem to be any hard info yet on what the real reason was, though developer Cyrus "Metasyntactic" Najmabadi pegs the long (re)turn around time squarely on Apple (via Ars Technica):

I've gotten confirmation that they're working to restore my app on the store, and I got an apology for the length of time it took to respond to me. I'm very happy by this turn of events, and I'm glad that apple will be letting me stay in the store

Najmabadi also promises several more improvements when (and hopefully not if), version 1.3 is released.

Don't care about the why and what, just want to get it? Hit up the App Store (iTunes link) and let us know how you like it!

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Box Office Now Playing (Again) in the App Store


I'm glad I got a second chance on this one! I find that I download almost everything that is free and half interesting now, expecting it to be pulled.

The link open up in iTunes but this one tells me that this app is not available in Switzerland ! Crap ! Any way to work around this ?

I deleted Now Playing from my apps yesterday when it required me to sign up for Netflix in order to use it. They said it was a free trial, but I had to provide all my info, including a credit card, I believe if I’d continued, in order to use this FREE app I’d been using for months. I switched to the app called Hot Popcorn.