Box update for iPhone and iPad adds Box Notes feature


Box has added support for its Box Notes feature to its newly updated iPhone and iPad apps, which will allow multiple users to share and collaborate on online notes at the same time.

Box actually launched Box Notes in May for its web browser customers, but now iOS app users can open previously created notes or make new ones as well, which can be placed next to any documents, images and presentations that are stored on Box's cloud servers. The company stated:

Live, concurrent editing lets everyone read and make changes instantly together. This is great for meetings – even when some participants aren't in the office. And with today's global workforce, not everyone is online and working at the same time – Box Notes is great for those situations too.

Box plans to add Box Notes to its Android apps sometime this summer. What do you think of this new feature and if you already use the Box app will you use it in your workplace instead of competitors like Evernote and OneNote?

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Rowanova says:

Box Noted is a very sparse note taking app. The features are very limited. I was hoping it would be as capable as Evernote and OneNote but it's not even close. I'm actually disappointed with such a lame offering.
Oh well, just another under performing note taking app/feature...

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ralphtweety says:

Yeah, I'm kind of with Rowanova. Certainly a cool feature I'm just not sure how to make real use of it.

Lt_Solorna says:

Hopefully, it will improve with future iterations.