New Boxee app streams, stores, AirPlays social and computer content to iPad

New Boxee app streams from social networks, computer to iPad

Boxee, one of the many contenders for the media center crown, has just released a new app that lets you stream music, video, and photos from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and from your Windows or Mac PC, straight to your iPad.

It also lets you "watch later", which sounds like Instapaper for videos, and will send content via AirPlay to your Apple TV. Looks like Boxee aims to be your one stop content app.

Details and screenshots after the break!

Boxee for iPad brings videos from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and your computer all onto your ipad so you can find and watch new videos or favorites on the train, in bed, on the couch, on the john, during boring conversation, on the patio, from the roof deck, in an abandoned bunker, on the side of a mountain....

SOCIAL: Never miss a hilarious or inspiring new video from your friends again. Boxee connects to your social life and delivers every video your friends share on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, and Tumblr to your iPad. Return the favor and share favorites with two taps. Boxee brings video sharing to the iPad in a way that’s simple and unique.

WATCH LATER: Each day, we’re bombarded by video from everywhere. Collect them in one place and save them for later with Boxee. Queue YouTube videos, TED talks, and, well, whatever you want to watch on your iPad, whenever you want. Your commute just got its own video playlist.

MEDIA STREAMING: Stop wasting hours converting and syncing videos to your iPad. Boxee streams videos, music, and photos from your PC/Mac to your iPad over WiFi. You pick the video, we handle the rest — no cables or wires necessary.

SEND TO BOXEE BOX: Watching video on your iPad and want it on the big screen? Send videos straight to your TV via a Boxee Box so everyone in your living room can enjoy. Now you can go back to playing Angry Birds on the iPad while you watch : )

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New Boxee app streams, stores, AirPlays social and computer content to iPad


I'm slightly confused. The only reason I considered buying an Apple TV was to Airplay videos from my iphone/ipad CameraRoll to my TV. Does that mean I can buy a Boxee Box instead, get all the awesome Boxee features and have Airplay on it?
I apologize if there's something I'm missing or didn't read.