Breaking: Apple Announces New iPhone with 16GB of Memory


As expected, Apple has finally rolled out its long rumored 16GB iPhone, doubling the memory found in the present 8GB model, and bringing feature parity between iPhone and its carrier castrated cousin the iPod Touch. Aside from the much needed memory boost no additional features have been integrated, such as 3G wireless, which is rather disappointing given the new product's higher price tag.

The new iPhone goes on sale today and will retail for $499. The 16GB model takes its place alongside the 8GB model (which remains at $399), and will not replace it, according to Apple. You can found out more after the jump.


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Reader comments

Breaking: Apple Announces New iPhone with 16GB of Memory


I finally convinced my wife to let me get one for my birthday. Now I have to sweet talk her some more to let me get the 16G model.

never mind the size, I want more features!, don't want to jailbreak my phone. Just want apple to roll out more of the good stuff, bring on 1.14 update or whatever it will be called

Does battery life increase with the bigger iPhone? It's great that I can watch videos now, but how much is that going to use up my battery life?

When is the Developers Kit going to be released by Apple? Hopefully then we'll see some quality LEGITIMATE applications come to the iPhone that don't require us to jailbreak or hack our phones.

Is it just me, or does the IPhone get the worst reception ever? I get more dropped calls, voicemails without a missed call, and more garbled, low quality calls than I had in almost 10 years with Sprint.

The Big is getting Bigger. With 16GB Memory it will be more useful. I will Love it because i can have all my fav songs on it.