Breaking: Apple Rolls Out Firmware Update 1.1.1, And I Can't Have it!!!


Oh the humanity. Here I am docking my iPhone, when suddenly this box appears in iTunes, beckoning me to install some new firmware update, just released. But can I install this update? No. And why? Because his Jobsness has seen fit to brick my iPhone should I install said update. GRRRRR!!!!!!

As salt for the wound, my iPhone is in only a "semi-unlocked" state, not fully unlocked...thanks to anySIM. I have to wait for iPhone Dev Team to roll out a reversal procedure to bring my kinda sorta unlocked iPhone back to factory spec. So, for those of you whom haven't violated your end user license agreements, feel free to download and enjoy the update goodness. Speaking of which I have nary a clue what this update contains until I visit the FAQ.

Dock your iPhone and download 1.1.1 now. While I sit here with my thumb up my....

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Breaking: Apple Rolls Out Firmware Update 1.1.1, And I Can't Have it!!!


im installing right now, is your iphone bricked for good not kent. will a simple reset not do the trick??

If I were a betting man, I'd put money on the update NOT bricking your phone...
Then again, if I were a man with an unlocked phone, I wouldn't go anywhere near that update...yet

Really should stop putting all of the blame on Steve. Its ridiculous and pretty ignorant and getting old.

bryan - It was funny the first couple times. After the 10th time it gets old and stops being a joke.

Damn Skippy. I agree with Kent.
On a even crappier (is that a word) note. This update has a few fixes but no new major functions. WHY O WHY cant we get some kind of native chat client.

crap. Did not fix multi-person texting. :(
I think all it did was add wi-fi itunes. Who uses anyway. Too expensive

I certainly woudn't mind a copy/paste. I can't count the number of times that would have come in handy. Also, a way to delete loads of emails quickly.
Of course, we could just quote the list of hundreds of features that would be "nice to have". ;)

Do not feel bad! I have not altered my phone one bit! And this update required a restore without warning! Thus, I lost all my notes and photos! Thank Apple! Congrats on a "well thought out" update. Boy-oh-boy, I can't wait until the next update!
I was just wondering ... Gates left Microsoft ... is he at Apple these days? Apple sure seems more and more like Microsoft.

Mark, not everybody had the problem of losing notes and favorites. My update went without any problems what so ever. Both favorites and notes are intact.

help me! I had itunes 7.4 It wouldnt update my iphone. So i downloaded the 7.4.3(latest) itunes but it doesn't even recognize my iphone at all now. My iphone wasnt even unlocked or had installer app
any suggestions

Try rebooting the phone (hold the power switch and home button until the screen goes blank), and if all else fails, I think holding the power switch and home buttons for even longer will force a restore.