Bring in your old iPad to Target for at least $200 in in-store credit

Bring in your old iPad to Target for at least $200 in in-store credit

Target department stores are offering a great deal if you're looking to trade in a first-generation iPad - you're guaranteed to get at least $200 in the form of a Trade-In Gift Card that can be used on any merchandise in a Target store.

The iPad needs to be able to power on and the screen must not be scratched in order to qualify for the deal. But any way you slice it, $200 is a great deal especially if you have a first-gen iPad you're trying to unload. Other services that buy used iPads offer considerably less: Gazelle,, even Nextworth itself, which is Target's partner in this promotion, will pay you $60 - $120 for an original iPad.

The deal runs through November 9th, and is available at Target stores with a "Target Mobile" kiosk in the electronics section. More details are available at the Target web site.

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Bring in your old iPad to Target for at least $200 in in-store credit


Just checked their website, and it looks like they're offering a lot less than $200. $65 for a first gen 16 wifi, and $125 for a 16 ipad 2.

I did the same thing at first. Look at the left side of the screen. It's a special "in-store" promo.

ok, so my iPad 2 (64gb) has a cracked screen - the website says $96 gift card for trade-in WITH cracked screen. Can I still bring it in to the store for that gift card, or does a cracked screen require online trade-in?

The in-store promo says expressly that the screen can't be scratched. I'll assume that a cracked screen counts as "scratched."

I agree, but my question (I guess) is: would they honor the online price in-store (which is far less than what in-store is offering), just to save me the hassle of mailing out my iPad (I know it's not much hassle, it's more of an ease thing).

This is happy news. So ready to get rid of my original ipad. I bought it off a friend for $300 3 years ago. If i can get $200 for it I will be stoked!! This is why I love iMore!!

Did this today. Took about 2 minutes to exchange my OG iPad for a $200 Target card when Gazelle was offering $84. Yowza.

Do they require you immediately buy a new device? It would be great if I could trade in my original iPad and wait till the Retina Mini comes out before buying that one.

The answer is "no, they do not require you to immediately buy a new device". I walked in with an original iPad 16 GB wifi and walked out with a $200 Target Gift Card.

Hmm... I might do this with my iPad 2. Doesn't seem like much of an upgrade giving up a full size iPad for a Mini (which is what I would get) but it's probably a lot faster.

I got rid of my gen 1 32gb today and got the 200 dollar gift card in minutes from Target. Then immediately bought a 16gb Mini for 300 with 200 off. I then got a 25 gift card for making the purchase and used that for a smart cover as a separate transaction!!! So sick!!

Goodbye ole trusty 16GB 1st gen ipad. Hello new 16GB non-retina iPad Mini for $99 (after $200 trade-in) for my daughter plus a $25 gift card for me!

I ordered a 1st Generation mini from Amazon last night to replace the 1st generation iPad my kids were using. My plan was to take the 1st Generation iPad into Target and just use the gift-card @ Target over time for various things that we commonly buy there. My wife was just in Target, so she was talking to the guy at the mobile area and he said they changed the plan - you now need to use the gift-card on the spot to buy a new iPad. I checked online and, sure enough, they changed the deal! Ugh!

Update: I was able to cancel my Amazon order. They allowed me to trade in two 1st Generation iPads for a $400 credit towards a new iPad. Got a 1st Generation Mini (32GB) - cost me about $86 after tax. Great deal!

i got the $200 gift card last night for my 1st gen iPad, didn't have to buy a new iPad on the spot.
i wanted to buy the iPad mini but want to wait and see if Target will carry Nexus 7 over the holiday season.

I went into Target last night with 1 Gen IPad and was given a $200 gift card, no pressure to spend on the spot. I think this in Store Only deal ends on 11/9.

my wife went this evening. she was told they "corrected" the online information and flyers. you have to by a new ipad now as part of the offer.

Went in to Target on Tuesday the 5th. Was told by the clerk that the deal had changed and I would need to purchase an ipad in store in order to receive the 200 credit for my ipad 1. Since no ipad airs were in stock I purchased an ipad 2 instead. Since I was mostly going to have my daughter use the ipad for movies, I thought that would be fine. Ended up changing my mind and the next day brought the "unopened" ipad 2 back. I received a refund plus a 200 target gift card. I'm now waiting for the ipad mini retina and will use the credit at target to go towards the purchase.

The clerk at Target told me that the reason his store changed the terms was because of people buying the first ipad off sites like craigslist for cheap amounts and then coming in for a target gift card. Then selling the gift cards for a profit. Not sure if that's true, but if so, I hate when honest people lose out on promotions because of a few bad people.

People are bad because they are doing something totally legal and within the rules defined by a corporation? Do you not think maybe target should have done thier homework to see what used iPads could be bought for?

I had no trouble today 11/9 trading mine in. About 5 of us inline, I happened to be first. Took 5 min Max got the $200 Gift card (Which is also good for online purchases) and left. Sheepishly cause I had a pink "Hello Kitty" ipad 1 case under my arm. I'll get the ipad retina mini when they show up in a few weeks and stash it for the kids Xmas present...Really good deal. Almost worth it for the for the ipad 2.