Build your cognitive skills with ThinkO for iPhone and iPad

Build your cognitive skills with ThinkO for iPhone and iPad

ThinkO for iPhone and iPad is a mind challenging puzzle game that focuses on your cognitive skills. The goal is simple: to move the rows and columns of rings to match the same colored squares. The challenging part is that every time you make a move, more squares start appearing, so if you aren't efficient with your choices, you will trap yourself with too many squares.

Concentration, problem solving, processing speed and memory are all required for being successful at playing ThinkO. As the game evolves, the levels become more challenging, requiring more sophisticated thinking skills. For example, as you play the game, large rings will appear in the levels. The rings are a bit of a hindrance because each one takes up the space of four squares, thus requiring you to move the two rows or columns containing it at a time. To get rid of a ring, you must make a sufficient amount of matches that are the same color as the ring.

In addition to the above mentioned rings, ThinkO also has special rings that will help you in the game. They become available as you progress and can also be purchased as in app purchased. Here's a list of the different rings available:

  • Rainbow rings are viral and contaminate adjacent ones
  • Diamond rings remove an entire block
  • Poison rings turn everything into green
  • Thunder rings eliminate all blocks in their path
  • Diamond rain drops single diamond rings everywhere

Although I haven't yet progressed very far in the game, I am really enjoying ThinkO. Puzzle games are my favorite because they require you to think, and ThinkO is no exception! ThinkO is definitely a great time-waster, but don't think of it as waste of time to play it -- by playing ThinkO, you are exercising your brain and improving your thinking skills!

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Leanna Lofte

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Reader comments

Build your cognitive skills with ThinkO for iPhone and iPad


I'm already trapped with "too many squares" and am seeking escape from them (not by adding more squares". LOL!!!

I love these types of games but...I am colorblind! I can see colors, there are just certain shades of colors that look the same.

Too many times, these types of games choose colors where two of the colors are too close for me to differentiate; which makes the game impossible to play. SOME games make the colors configurable to accommodate folks like me.

A question to anybody who has played this game: Are the colors configurable?

A request to Leanna (and all other iMore reviewers): When reviewing applications which have a color component in order to use the application, can you please indicate if the colors are configurable? This will greatly assist those of us who are colorblind and raise awareness of this challenge to developers.

Cheers, Rob