Build your own Galactic Empire with Star Wars: Tiny Death Star now available for iPhone and iPad

Ever wanted to build your very own Death Star complete with karaoke bar, plush apartments and interrogation rooms downstairs? Lucasarts is bringing all that to reality with the release of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, which is available to download now from the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

If you've ever played the Tiny Tower game you'll be right at home. Tiny Death Star is an 8-bit retro styled game that puts you in charge of building the greatest weapon the universe has ever known. There's a bit of a cashflow problem though, and instead of The Emperor and Lord Vader going out and getting jobs, you encourage 'Bitizens' to come to live, work, and generate revenue on the Death Star.

It's not all play though, after all, this is the Empire we're talking about, and so beyond building retail outlets and karaoke bars, you also need to build Imperial levels for conducting, well, Imperial type business. As you complete missions, build levels, create jobs, you earn credits and Imperial Bux, both of which you need to carry on building until you have the biggest, baddest, but also coolest Death Star in the Universe.

The game is free to download, and there are in-app purchases with which you can buy more currency to build your Death Star a little quicker. It's insanely fun, insanely addictive, and definitely worth a look for the Star Wars fans out there. Or even if you're not. It's just a fun mobile game. Grab it in the App Store now at the link below, and do let me know what you think to it.

Richard Devine

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Redshirt says:

So, even more evidence the evil Rebels murdered thousands of innocent karaoke singers and shoppers when the Peace Star was destroyed?

Sam Threepwood says:

Can you play this without in-app purchases?

Dev from tipb says:

Yes. IAP let you speed things up, but you can play without.

williamsbh76 says:

OMG! The Empire has found something even more powerful than The Force: IAPs!!!