Best Buy Apple fixture install may put iPhone 5 release date at October 21 [Updated]

A photograph of an internal Best Buy retail calendar screenshot may give us the best clue yet as to the launch day of the iPhone 5. The event in question is an Apple fixture installation and is scheduled for October 21st. The date in question is a Friday which would line up with other iPhone release days.

This not a normal fixture installation either according to a tipster who talked to This is my next. The request for a manager to be on hand at 6am is not the norm and is a mirror image of what happened when the iPhone 4 was launched last year. The tipster also went on to say that Best Buy managers have a meeting scheduled for October 10 to discuss upcoming releases.

TiPb recently heard that an original release date of October 14 was being moved up to October 7. Whether it's now been moved back again, this time to October 21 we're not certain, but because Apple doesn't pre-announce products, they're free to adjust the exact date up until even invitations go out and their executives take the stage.

I still expect an announcement of the iPhone 5 at the end of this month with a mid October release. Either way, I am now sick of suffering with an iPhone 4 that is out of warranty. Anyone else tired of waiting for iPhone 5 already?

UPDATE: Boy Genius also got their hands on a Best Buy screen today, this one pointing to a possible first week of October launch for iPhone 5, similar to what TiPb heard a few weeks ago. They also seem to indicate Sprint will be one of the launch carriers, which has been another of the big rumors circulating lately. All of this, again, claims

[This is my Next, BGR]

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Best Buy Apple fixture install may put iPhone 5 release date at October 21 [Updated]


You're "suffering" with an iPhone 4? I have an iPhone 3G!!!!! Bought it in February after it's release and was not eligible for update when 3GS came out a few months later. Was not yet eligible either for release of 4. Could have gotten 4 a few months after its release but, expecting the 5 to be released in June, I decided I might as well wait. And now I continue to wait...and wait... and SUFFER! :-)

Same here. Been waiting a long time for the iPhone 5. I would have upgraded when I was eligible in January had I known I'd have this 3G until "fall."

"I am now sick of waiting and already suffering with an iPhone 4 that is out of warranty!"

Suffering? When you're 70 years-old, you'll be wishing it was still September 2011. What's your hurry? I wish I was still back in 1970, even though I had to drop dimes into pay phones and search through yellow pages. The world was a FAR better place then.
The iPhone 4 is amazing. Try appreciating it.

I think it has less to do with the phone as it does with the OS. Between Lion, iOS 5, and the iCloud, Apple wanted to make sure everything was ready and most bugs were fixed before release.

iOS 5 wasn't ready, probably still isn't ready. My guess is that even if it does in fact release this fall, there are going to be bugs on day one but Apple really can't afford to hold back iPhone 5 any longer and miss out on the Christmas sales.

Release this fone alredy. I was supposed to get it 4 my bday. My bday was bak in april thinkn il b getn d fone in june, the usual launch date. Anyway hope it lives up to the hype!!!

I'll take his phone with no suffering.......ahhhh,young people. I remember when there was no internet,no cells(had to use a landline). My next upgrade is February 2013,and I plan to get an iPhone-I can wait. Patience is a virtue........Am I ranting? Yes.

Ha... agreed.
I know someone with a TracFone with no apps, no internet, no camera, no music or video... just a numeric keypad, and she's not suffering. She's always smiling and would take an iPhone 4 with a bad home button in a heartbeat, and never shut up about how great it is.
People have so many expectations today that they bring about their own disappointment.

I am over ip4 myself. My issue is the death touch since I refuse to use a cover and the 3.5" inch screen. The ip5 with the new 4" screen better arrive before LTE version of galaxyS2 or i'm out!

I've never used a case and have never experienced death touch because I simply don't place my finger over the antenna — the same way I don't place my finger over the speaker when audio is playing, or over the camera lens when I'm shooting a photo, or over the End Call button when I'm speaking to someone.
Problem solved. You're welcome.

Whats with these people and spelling mistakes....
I'm sure someone photoshopped a internal site.... get real kid

In the past, I don't recall Best Buy having displays until a couple weeks after release. (worked there for 3GS and 4 release days).

Let me get this straight. You had a faulty home button that apple charged you to fix. Sounds like you are suffering with apple not the phone. So after that "experience" you can't wait to go back for more? Some people never learn.