Best Buy to deploy iPad to salesforce?

Best Buy to deploy iPad to salesforce?

Forbes suggests Best Buy might be getting ready to roll out iPads to it's 1,100 store strong salesforce.

A source with knowledge of corporate mobile device deployments tells Forbes that one of the country’s top 10 largest retailers expects to distribute iPads to each of its on-floor sales associates. This retailer, the source adds, operates 1,100 stores across the U.S. As the country’s largest electronics retailer — as well as a retailer that currently operates around 1,100 stores in the U.S. — Best Buy is a natural match.

I was at a restaurant yesterday and the waiter brought out an iPad to show us the dessert selection. Big screen, great looking photographs, and cool use of technology. Dessert required only static pictures, however. Best Buy could have fully interactive and connected product apps or web apps where they could show off use cases, fetch specs, demo recommended installations, etc.

Aside from just selling Best Buy 180,000+ iPads, the advantages for Apple are clear. If Best Buy employees are using iPads, they'll better be able to articulate iPads to their customers, and mainstream customers might just be more likely to gravitate towards the iPads they see being used rather than competing tablets that are simply on the shelves. Added to Apple Retail, that's a huge presence.

Would you like to see your local Best Buy associate wielding an iPad?

[Forbes via MacRumors]

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Best Buy to deploy iPad to salesforce?


Yes. Then the people that work there will have some answers to questions and might be a little more helpful in some way. I'm not sure about you Rene or anyone else here. But when I ask someone a question at best buy they are not very helpful. They have little to no answer to my question or we have to go around the store looking for someone else that works there with the answers to my questions. Maybe caring around a iPad will help them out. Maybe they can have a program or a app of some sort that will help them answer questions about products more thoroughly.

You know what would be hilarious? A salesperson showing customers a demo of an Android tablet, Playbook, etc... on an iPad!

I don't even bother asking someone something at Best Buy. I go there for Blu-Rays and that's about it. I said this the other day but this is a perfect topic to bring this up in. I was in a Best Buy the other day. The day before the iPad 2 was being announced. I walked up to the Apple displays. One guy wanted a MacBook Pro. 2 ladies were buying iPads. As soon as the salesman went to go check on something. I told the guy buying the MacBooks that those weren't the new ones. I thought BestBuy would have the new MBPs on launch day. Same thing with the iPads. "Ladies, they announce the new iPads tomorrow, when you are buying electronics. It's a good idea to know where that product is in the life cycle, this one ends tomorrow" I told them they would announce the new iPads tomorrow. And for the same price they would likely be coming with cameras, front and back. They both walked and thanked me. Best buy sales man comes back asked me where they went. I said they are coming back when you have the new iPad, that's getting announced tomorrow. And the Best Buy guy says "they are announcing the new iPad tomorrow?" scary. Chris, at least you read the tech blogs. But some most Best Buy salesman are a joke.

(Answering would i like to see BB rep weilding an ipad.)
If Best Buy goes the full Monty and allows the reps to conduct transactions on the iPads out on the floor, then yes. Otherwise, no.

I see it being a benefit to employees and customers. As an easy example: if an item is out on the shelf, instead of the employer running to the backroom to see if it's stock or going to one of the few computers spread around, hopefully he could jump on the iPad and look it up or even order it for the customer from

I could see something more portable like a iPod touch, but it would make more sense to utilize a customizable open source solution OS like Android that allows for far more flexibility in developing and deploying software. Regardless, BestBuy employees are pretty much useless I need something stocked in the back.

It's a brilliant idea. Best buy and Apple will clean up. To be sure, somewhere there is a custom app being written to have all the inventory available at a glance.
This will enable even the most inept Best buy employees to answer questions and check stock.
Its GREAT, and think of all the broken (dropped) iPads apple will be able to sell them a new on for.
Gotta go get some Apple Stock.
Wonder it those morons in the Geek Squad will be the one fixing them - HA!
Fat chance.

As long as they have ipads in stock, I don't care if they have one. But I don't want to see them with one and it's sold out..

You guys are real cool calling employees morons or inept. I work at BestBuy and Get plenty of know it all's who think they are cool for calling employees names and trying to flex there knowledge. Grow up, it's a part time job for most, do some research before you buy.

Didn't call anyone a moron. It's just scary they work in the tech department and have no idea what is going on with what they sell. They have been talking about the iPad 2 for months now. And I do my research before I buy. I was saying others obviously don't.

It's a job. It's not like all the people that work at best buy want to, they have to for bills. You also have to understand after working there all day selling computers to people that come up and say "I need a computer, what's good", we usually don't want to be there even if we do like all the tech.

I don't mind working there, and it is a part time job for me, I also manage and run two other businesses. I have a good knownledge of most products and research the things I don't know. As a customer, I would never rely on one persons opinion when making a big purchase. They are many talented and knowledgeable employees there, maybe not in your dealings, but there out there. I just don't understand how people on these forums can talk so badly about people they don't even know. It's just crazy that we can be " morons" or "stupid" because someone didn't answer your question enough. Luckily there are return policies and usually no restocking fees.