AT&T Says Buy Your iPhone Online and Activate at Home

Yes, you read the title correctly. In a move that nobody expected, you can now purchase an iPhone 3G from AT&T's web site, have it delivered to you, and activate it in the comfort of your own home. This home delivery service is now being offered to both existing customers adding a line and new customers.

If you purchase within the next 8 days you are promised to have your new iPhone the next day with free overnight shipping. AT&T also notes that shoppers have 8 days left in order to have it delivered before the Christmas holiday.

Shockingly, this option is not available on Apple's website as of today. If you still want to purchase a iPhone 3G at a Apple store you have to hop in your car and drive yourself to the local store. (Although, there is this feeling like Apple will follow AT&T's lead sometime in the near future.)

So what do you readers think? Isn't this the way it should have been since July 11th?

Important note: You cannot purchase iPhone 3G's as gifts for the simple reason that you need to be the actual account holder. If you are not the account holder and want to purchase a gift your only option is the iPhone 3G Gift Card.

[Via Apple Insider]

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Reader comments

AT&T Says Buy Your iPhone Online and Activate at Home


This make sense. No one has been able to unlock the iPhone as of yet. They figure that if you buy it, you have to activate and use it on their network...

Well you buy it from AT&T this way you are automatically locked into a contract. All you are doing is activating it. This could have been done since day one. IMHO

My friend upgraded to an iphone and activated from home back in september, is this something different?

@Steve, it's not about going into the actual store. For me the big deal is about letting us activate the phone at home. Which is what this is allowing.

@Jeremy: I understand the activating at home point. I guess I'm just missing the big advantage here. I didn't have to wait for mine to be delivered or activate it myself. It took ten minutes to drive there, buy it, and have it activated while I stood there. Whatever... I guess I'm in the wrong thread.

@Steve, there are a lot of people who would just like to buy the phone - pay - and just walk out. Whether it would be for a gift or whatever. Although still AT&T is making it difficult to do. But If you were a account holder and someone in your family wanted the phone you could purchase it this way, and don't have to activate it until Christmas when you give the gift. Does that make sense now?

I ordered my iPhone from the AT&T website over a week ago without issue. I'm also an existing customer who is NOT adding a new line, but rather replacing a BlackBerry. Did I get preferential treatment or is this just old news?

Er, when I upgraded to my 3G iPhone, I picked it up at a delivery office then activated from home. I live in France.

Wow... let me get this straight.
You mean you can actually buy an iPhone online, have it delivered to you, then activate it at home... outside Apple's supervision?!?
YEE-HAW! Sign me up!
What'll they think of next... a battery that you change, YOURSELF?