Caillou's World now available for iPhone and iPad [Kids Corner]

Based off the popular PBS kids show, Caillou, Night & Day Studios has released Caillou's World. It's intended to help children ages 2-5 with with reading, spelling and phonics.

In Caillou’s World choose one of the familiar scenes from Caillou's life (such as his playground, playschool, or attic). At first the scene will be drawn in black outlines just like a coloring book. As you look around, an element of the scene--a toy, animal, tool, or object--will light up for a moment. Touch it and try to figure out which letter its name begins with. Is it A for airplane? What letter does dragonfly start with? Get it right and the item will be filled with color and the scene will begin to be filled in.

  • 7 different scenes to explore, with big clues and small
  • Over 100 pictures to find and letter pairs to learn
  • For ages 2-4
  • Challenges adapt to your developing skill
  • Original music and a friendly narrator

Caillou's Word is available on the iPhone and iPad for $2.99 each.

[iPhone, App Store link] [iPad, App Store link]

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Caillou's World now available for iPhone and iPad [Kids Corner]


Duh, have you even watched the show, he is just a kid, has nothing to do with cancer. Are you making that assumption based on his appearance? Some people should THINK before they TYPE.

Yeah, cancer has nothing to do with it. In French, Caillou means "pebble" or "bald Head". The original books were based on a 9-month old baby who still hadn't grown any hair. Cute idea, I suppose, but I still have a hard time with the character. The whining and complaining settled a bit in the newer episodes, but it was quite bad in the earlier ones.

This will be great if you want to teach your kids how to whine and complain, because that's all Caillou ever does.