Calendars 5 goes free for two days

Calendars 5 week view

Calendars 5, the smart calendar and task manager from Readdle, is available for free for the next two days on the App Store. The regular price is $6.99.

Calendars 5 syncs with your phone's calendars, as well as Google Calendar. The app also integrates with Reminders, putting all of your upcoming events, and any tasks associated with them, in a single place. Calendars supports natural language input, letting you input new tasks and events easily.

We recently named Calendars 5 as one of the best calendar apps for iPad. Now is the perfect time to give it a try, so go download it from the App Store now and check it out.

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Reader comments

Calendars 5 goes free for two days


It is a very nice app - I wish it would recognize phone numbers in meeting names and locations, however.

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Best calendar app as far as presentation of information. This goes for day, week, month and tasks. Nothing I've seen is even close.

My number 1 desire for a calendar app is good month view. Calendar 5 is the absolute best. This app lets me see what's actually scheduled on each day IN MONTH VIEW (and not some goofy dots)!! This app now brings to my iPhone a monthly calendar view previously only possible on my iPad!

The weekly view blew my socks off. I never liked weekly views because I can't see if everything without scrolling up and down. This weekly view solves that problem beautifully.

I've found my new favorite calendar.

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Yes!! The same all also works on iPad. I love the way adding the location to an event works and is presented. Outstanding!

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Hey, I just downloaded it because, yup, I hate those dots in other calendars such as Fantastical etc.

But one problem: I just open the Tasks and I can't get back to the Calendar! Anyone know how? Thanks!

It's not as obvious as it could be, but those 4 horizontal stripes in the top bar just to the right of the magnifying glass are the button used to switch views.

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My all time favorite is Pocket Informant but this is a solid second. I mainly use month view and both include the info rather than dots.

Downloaded and started playing with it. It's got some nice features.... Until I realized I had on my reading glasses! DUHO! All views are a bit too small for these aging eyes (w/o the glasses). oh well.

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Tried it. I still prefer Fantastical over this one. But still this is a great freebie. Thanks for the heads up.

I bought this app a while back, and my main wish is that it would have a dark theme (or themes at all, really). I stick mainly with the "Day" view because of the ticker list on the left (iPad version). My favorite feature is the intuitive appointment entry controls (not the natural language stuff, but the pickers for date and time). Calendars 5 is unique in this regard... and integrates the built-in reminders... win, win!