Call of Duty: Strike Team deploys onto iOS

CoD: Strike Team

A new Call of Duty game has found its way onto the App Store today called Strike Team. It's a smart mix of top-down tactical combat and run-and-gun first-person shooter. Players kit out their squad, dive into an extensive single-player campaign, or try to last as long as possible in an endless survival mode.

CoD: Strike Team looks very promising, especially since their Zombies title from a few years ago left something to be desired. As it stands, the Modern Combat series has fared much better on mobile, but it will be interesting to see if the original military FPS can see as much success on mobile as it has on consoles.

Any CoD players out there? Do you think the experience can be transferred to mobile and still be enjoyable?

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Call of Duty: Strike Team deploys onto iOS


I'm not sure how this speaks of being desperate. Activision has a lot of properties. Diablo is coming out. And Infinity Ward has Ghosts set to come our. I'm sure it will make boatloads of money. And rumor is they still have a seperate Modern Warfare title being worked on for release in the next year. So with that kind of money on the horizion for both Activision and IW I don't see this as desperation but rather a company trying to expand it's streams of revenue.

Really, PC or Console is the only way to play COD.
Get real.
Love you folks that think you can play a game like that on a phone.
but then again, what do I know?

Not a chance. COD on a console, with a giant HD tv screen, a controller, all our friends on head phones is not going to be duplicated on ios.

Will they ever put multiplayer on it ???? We need multiplayer on it....heck respawnables has multiplayer geeezzz

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