Camera Noir from Pacific Helm gives you your Gotham back, with style!

Camera Noir from Pacific Helm gives you your Gotham back, with style!

Rock-star design team Pacific Helm has just launched their second app, the awesomely named Camera Noir. It does one thing, but in typical PH fashion, does it insanely well: Takes black and white photos in the style of the gone-but-not-forgotten Gotham filter from the early Instagram.

Yes, this is iPhoneography by gaslight. It's also dynamic. You can see the Noir filter applied in realtime on the view finder, and switch between low, medium, and hi to get the perfect composition and effect. You can even access your Camera Roll to add Noir to most existing photos in post. It's done so well, it can even make your Home screen look like something from a 50s pulp fiction flick.

Camera Noir from Pacific Helm gives you your Gotham back, with style!

Photographers have turned to black and white for years to hone their skills and express their craft. Camera Noir is like going out with only a rolls of black and white film. It forces your to play with light and shadow, composition and texture. It makes you better. It gives you no place to hide. Similarly, despite the simplicity of Camera Noir, nailing this filter must have been a colossal amount of work. But nail it they did.

I had the chance to beta test Camera Noir, so I've been using it for while, and I love the look. An app, well crafted and fairly priced. There's nothing I like better. Even the Camera Noir website is terrific. I just wished they'd priced it higher. At $1.99, it's a steal.

If you're a fan of black and white photography, a fan of the old Gotham filter, or just a fan of great apps, check it out now and post your results in our photography forum.

  • $1.99 - [Download now]( w-photography/id653121289?ls=1&mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)

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Camera Noir from Pacific Helm gives you your Gotham back, with style!


Nope, gotta pay....and totally agree with Rene, it's a steal for $1.99 (which is a cup of coffee or a soda) There is no way I would "wish they priced it higher", but would have no problem if it was (seriously, who wishes something was more expensive?)

Awesome app, downloaded it at 2am this morning and sat up playing around with it. Can't wait to get outside and give it a real workout!