Apple Pay up north

Apple reportedly in talks for Canadian Apple Pay rollout

Trouble up north

Federal Court of Canada tells Apple to hand over documents

Oh Canada!

Details emerge in antitrust investigation into Apple Canada

Healthy Competition

Canada's Competition Bureau investigating Apple

Travel tech

Scan your passport for international United Airlines flights

No calls in the sky

Proposed U.S. rules would bar calls from the sky


Alaska Airlines app gets a huge makeover


Spotify is inviting patiently waiting Canadians to test their streams


UK officials follow US counterparts by banning electronics with no charge from boarding flights


TSA will check to see if your device turns on for international, U.S.-bound flights


Rogers vs. Bell vs. TELUS: Which Canadian iPad Air or Retina iPad mini carrier should you get?


Waiting for iTunes Radio in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia? You may be waiting until early 2014...


Verizon CEO confirms no Canada expansion plans


Facebook Messenger now offers free voice calls for users in the UK as well as the U.S. and Canada


SIMPLcase aims to make multi-SIM iPhone traveling a breeze


Delta Air Lines adds iPad app, updates iPhone app with redesign, Passbook support

Apple starts selling the iPhone 5 unlocked online in the U.S., at retail in Canada


Rogers, TELUS, and Bell announce new unlimited talk and text plans

Best iPhone 5 PAYG nano-SIM options for traveling to Canada


Canadian media tries to pile on Apple, iBooks pricing-gate

< >

Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use


Canadians airlines will soon allow unrestricted electronics access to customers following a new ruling by Canada's Transport Minister. The move comes after the US FAA announced last year that customers can use their electronic devices during "all phases of flight."

While smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets need to be on Airplane Mode during take-off and landing, all other devices, like cameras, portable gaming systems, and laptops can be used at any stage of the flight, provided they are not transmitting or interfering with the flight's avionics. Transport Canada has stated that the use of electronic devices will be governed by individual airlines, but that each airline must "demonstrate that their aircraft are not affected by the use of the devices and that during critical phases of flight and during emergencies, all passengers are aware of and able to follow crew instructions."

Following the ruling, Canada's largest airline Air Canada announced that it was working on "finalizing measures to safely implement the new procedures," and that in addition to allowing customers to use their electronic devices, the airline is in the process of rolling out in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity. Another Canadian airline WestJet also welcomed the move and stated that it will have the necessary approval in place by "this summer."

Source: Government of Canada, Via: Engadget

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Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use