Card Scanner Pro for iPhone now available (DON'T POST UNTIL TUESDAY)

Readdle, the developer behind PDF Expert and ReaddleDocs, has released their new business app, Card Scanner Pro. It's purpose is to scan business cards by taking their pictures and storing the information as contacts.

Take a picture of a business card with the iPhone camera and automatically pull all the data from it to create a new contact in the iPhone Contacts. Scanning takes 3 seconds and the accuracy is as great as you expect.

  • Scan and import the business card - With a simple snap of your iPhone, Card Scanner transfers the contact information directly into your iPhone's address book.
  • Review and Edit information - While reviewing and editing the contact information, the app displays a cropped image from the business card and reflects where that information comes from. This makes the verification and the correction effortless.
  • Browse stored business cards - Browse business cards in Card Holder, where all scanned cards are stored and do what you may ever need: edit contact information, email a text, call or simply delete the card.
  • OCR Makes it perfect - Fast and accurate ABBYY's OCR technology does a perfect job. All fields will be immediately filled with the proper data pulled from the card.

Card Scanner Pro is available on the iPhone for $6.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Reader comments

Card Scanner Pro for iPhone now available (DON'T POST UNTIL TUESDAY)


im impressed. really fast and accurate, but for 7$ its just ridiculous. unless you get a bunch of business cards everyday

I agree with Mike. I have Business Card Reader and it is currently $4.99. But I don't remember paying that much. So I must have got it on sale.