CARROT Alarm for iPhone will wake you up in the morning, or else

CARROT Alarm, by the makers of CARROT to-do, brings the same charm to getting you up out of bed in the morning as they did to getting stuff done. And yes, that means the artificial personality wrapped around the app that will sarcastically, acerbically, almost priggishly bully, cajole, and threaten you into setting alarms, and then make it you jump through tap, flip, and shake hoops to turn it off again.

CARROT Alarm for iPhone will wake you up in the morning, or else

There's quite a bit more to it than that, of course, and you can find out all about it on the CARROT website.

The short version: You'll hate it. You'll love it. You'll wake up.

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Reader comments

CARROT Alarm for iPhone will wake you up in the morning, or else


I eventually stopped using the list app. Needed it to be quicker than it was and all the comments got in the way.

Downloaded. Within 5 mins of playing with this app, my wife has threatened my life to use it as an alarm in the morning... guess we will see if she is bluffing in the morning! ;)

To each their own I suppose. For me, this seems like an annoying alarm clock and a faulty premise. I'm a human and I currently *don't* "hate to get up" in the morning, I rather like it actually. Being forced to listen to bad music and perform "funny" chores by Carrot Alarm would definitely change that however.

This would seem far more annoying than even the most obnoxious alarm. I also think that if you really find it that hard to wake up in the morning, then you probably just aren't getting enough sleep in the first place.

That is awesome. I'm downloading it simply because the voice reminds me of Portal!!!

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