CARROT Fit will berate, insult, and threaten you into weight loss

CARROT Fit for iPhone is the third app in the CARROT line, focusing on fitness. CARROT Fit will berate, insult, and generally antagonize you into trying to lose weight. Currently, the app functions as a weight tracker, where you record your weight loss in CARROT's log. If you lose weight, CARROT will be pleased, and if you don't, then CARROT will be upset. Very upset. While CARROT Fit only serves as a weight tracker right now, future updates will include different activity programs.

You can purchase CARROT Fit from the App Store now.

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CARROT Fit will berate, insult, and threaten you into weight loss


Ugh. I uninstalled the task/list one because it got to be cumbersome. I just wanted to edit my list and not wait for all the BS to finish. Maybe folks like that and after a ton of use that would go away. I could make it go away quicker by deleting the whole app.

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Same here. There were times when it got really annoying and had to uninstall it as well. But I guess that's the whole point of the app. It just didn't sit well for me.

I would venture some time with this if it were voiced by Gunny R Lee Ermey and not a scenario from "Portal".

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This appears to be very annoying. That's just the voice of the app. Not sure this is worth a purchase for me. The video didn't really sell me on the app.

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Being berated into losing weight sounds awful. I use the Cody App, not only is it free but it is a healthy social network designed to encourage and motivate you to stay fit. Cody offers free fitness plans and let's you log all of your workouts. Don't pay for an app that is going to make you feel awful for trying to improve your health.