Case-Mate Crafted Collection brings high-end wood, mother-of-pearl, gemstone, and more to the iPhone

Case-Mate is undergoing something of a renaissance, aspiring to a whole new level of timelessness and elegance with their new Crafted Collections line of iPhone cases. From sumptuous woods to radiant mother-of-pearl to exotic gemstones to finishes like tortoiseshell that will hit all your nostalgia buttons.

We got to see the full line at CES 2013. The cases themselves are all the same design, it's the inlays and matching accents that vary. And because Case-Mate is using real, natural materials, each case ends up being as unique as the tree, oyster, or rock it comes from.

It's definitely something different from Case-Mate, so let me know what you think.

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Rene Ritchie

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angermeans says:

These look way nice. I would Love to have the black Ashe or whatever it was called.

SockRolid says:

WOW. Those are spectacular cases. You'd almost need a case to protect your Case-Mate.

And Courtney: love the Dilithium necklace!

tlo07 says:

This would be a great product for an iMore give-away!

1up_on_you says:

whatever camera is being used for these interviews and demos needs to be replaced. im getting a headache from the lack of consistant focus