Case-mate Signature Leather Case, Designed for iPhone and Batman's Utility Belt


Case-mate has a sweet line of cases available for iPhone. Its Signature series is very elegantly designed and economically priced at just $34.99. Three color options are available, ranging from Phantom black (pictured above), Sienna Red, and Peony Pink.

An optional leather holster is available for $24.99, allowing you to wear your lovely leather clad iPhone on your belt.


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Reader comments

Case-mate Signature Leather Case, Designed for iPhone and Batman's Utility Belt


Picked one of these up a little more than a week ago... it's really nice, except for two problems - one small, one not so small;
1) [small problem] the release button on the belt clip -- to slide out the case -- is way too stiff. It takes a lot of force to push the release button in far enough to release the case from the belt clip.
2) [not so small problem] See that open top design in the photos above? Looks real cool now, but once you've used this case for a few days, just the on/off from the belt, having it 'catch' ever-so-lightly on your clothing, etc. -- that top left hand corner of the case starts to bend out, away from your iPhone, sticking out more & more as days go by. Yes, I can bend it back into a position close to the way it was when new (I have to do this bending thing at least once a day), but it detracts from what is otherwise one good looking case.
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