Case-Mate Barely There Case for iPhone 4 - quick look [sponsored]

The TiPb store just got the new Case-Mate Barely There Case for iPhone 4 in stock, so I decided to take a quick look at it. As you'd expect by the name, it's super thin and doesn't add any perceivable bulk to iPhone 4. Same token, while it will protect against scrapes and bumps, there's no padding to help you out in case of a high fall.

The finish is soft-touch but I don't find it that to be a huge difference from iPhone 4 by itself. It included a screen protector so you can be covered front and back.

Is it enough to stop the de-tuning that occurs when you have a low signal and touch the bottom left hand side of the antenna band? We're going to test that out and we'll update with the results asap.

In the meantime, if you're a fan of this style, you can grab a Case-Mate Barely There Case now from the TiPb iPhone 4 Accessory Store.

UPDATE: Added a picture at the bottom taken with the iPhone 4 flash while the case was on. No distortion or flare that I could see, but the cutout is fairly wide around the whole camera assembly.

case-mate barely there iphone 4 camera flash test

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Case-Mate Barely There Case for iPhone 4 - quick look [sponsored]


I had one of these cases for my 3GS and it actually made my signal reception horrible. Took the case off and had excellant reception

@ Wes I have the griffin reveal case but it makes taking pictures with flash blurry. If it had a bigger opening for flash it is an awesome case...

That case looks very similar to the Incipio Feather case that I just bought. Can you please test for photo problems when using the flash? The Feather produces halos when I use the flash.

Ha ya my blue case from AT&T causes a blue haze with the flash and my car Audio out cable won't connect all the way down with most cases so I just ordered this one. Hope it doesn't suck.
@ Renee any reviews for the screen protector itself it comes with? I'm waiting for the Power Support HD screen for IPhone 4. Really like their screens for previous iPhones.

@Butch, added a picture taken with the case on, with the flash above. No halos that I can produce, but it's also cut fairly wide around the lens...

Does anyone else have the halo effect with the feather case when using the flash? I just ordered one and I really hope that doesn't happen.

I have the Barely There case and I like the way it fits and its overall looks. The phone sits securely in the case with little chance of the two becoming inadvertently separated. The case doesn't add any bulk, doesn't interfere with the camera or flash, and fits the stock connectors.
The only downsides: the included screen protector is cheap, bubbles and scratches easy compared to most. As with most of these super thin, low profile cases, I wouldn't trust it to provide much protection against drops.
I am using mine in the interim until I get my Vapor case from Element Cases along with the Carbon Fiber backplate option:

@jason did u have the chrome case, I heard that one caused issues.
I've had barely there cases for both iPod touch and my 3GS and love them, no signal drop at all. I do agree that they messed up the cutout for apple. Maybe this is a defective case?

I don't care for the Apple Logo showing like that, makes the case look cheap. I have the Incipio Feather and I am not seeing any Halo Effect when using the flash! I took several pictures and they look fine to me.