Case-Mate Gelli Case for iPhone 4 - accessory review

If you're looking for a thin, durable, and stylish skin case to add a splash of color to your iPhone 4, the Case-Mate Gelli Case for iPhone 4 may be exactly what you're after. It's thermoplastic material feels great in your hand and it's chic design is sure to make heads turn!

The Case-Mate Gelli is made from a thermoplastic translucent material that Case-Mate claims is lighter, softer and more resilient than silicone and rubber cases. It adds just enough traction to prevent your precious iPhone from sliding on surfaces, yet smooth enough to allow your iPhone to be easily removed from tight jean pockets.

This case offers great protection to the iPhone 4 while still allowing easy access to all ports and controls. The spaces between the dock connector and mic/speaker phone are also exposed allowing 3rd party cables to easily plug into the iPhone 4.

The fit of the Case-Mate Gelli is very snug and thin. However, since the material is thin, the lip that curls around the sides of the iPhone 4 and onto the screen can be easily pushed off the screen. This allows for dust to easily collect under the case and I catch myself wiping out dust several times a day. However, I have not experienced and scratching to the screen because of this.

The Case-Mate Gelli is a very fashionable case and is available in 6 colors. Pink, Aurora (yellow), and Tomato have the kaleidoscope design (see pictures for a closer look). Teal Blue, Clear, and Gray come in the checkmate design. This style has squares and triangles instead of circles.

If you’re looking for something thin, stylish, and protective, check out the Case-Mate Gelli Case for iPhone 4 available now from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store.


  • Thin, flexible, yet protective
  • Fashionable
  • Access to all ports and controls


  • Collects dust on the edges of the screen

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated

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Case-Mate Gelli Case for iPhone 4 - accessory review


You lost me at a case that doesn't have any strong structure to it. I want a hard case, one that can go through a lot of drops before the phone takes any damage.

I bought the clear Gelli a few weeks ago. I have been very happy with it. I had concerns, coming from a hard shell Griffin case for my 3G. However, over a short period of time I have gotten more and more comfortable, feeling that my iPhone 4 is protected quite well.

On a serious note, I have a case similar to that where its loose along the side and in addition to letting in dust it's pushing my Invisible Shield up along the edges...not cool.
On a lighter note, Leanna, you are soooo freakin' cute!

Sigh. Enough with the comments about poor Leanna. Give the girl a break!
Now to cases. I have a black ifrogz case on my 4 and have a black bumper on the way curtesy of Mr. Jobs No jelly cases here thanks.

I use a black bumper and love it. Never really got into the squishy-type cases myself.
Also, you people shouldn't be surpised about comments made towards the girl in the video. This is the Internet afterall. Anyway, the problem would be solved if the reviewers would stop doing reviews with the camera apointed at them :)

"que the idiots and their comments about women" - Boots
Sorry that we're heterosexual men and like cute, pretty women.
Don't hate... Congratulate!

I bought a couple of cases that appear to be nearly identical to the Gelli (except no "Kaleidescope" design) a couple of weeks ago for $3.99 each. So, I think there's a lot of these thermoplastic cases out there, they're probably all pretty much the same, and they can be had for much less than the Gelli. I would give the name of the retailer from which I ordered my cases but I'm not sure about TIPB's commenting policies and I don't want my comment to get deleted.

Why do they always have to show the videos backwards? Did you notice the writing is backwards. This site is messed up with having to show there faces and backwards videos.

cases suck! if I wanted to carry a big ugly contraption I would ve bought an Android phone. no offense.

I've had issues with lips coming around the top and "lifting" edges in spots of my Zagg screen protector.
Fan of the casemate id case.

I know it's not a silicone case, but does it attract lint or anything like that when you put it in your pocket?