Case-Mate Ivy Case for iPhone 4 [Accessory review]

Case-Mate Ivy Case for iPhone 4 is a really beautiful case and I just love the decor. Yes, I choose this case solely on its looks but I was surprised that it packs quite a nice buffer against bumps as well.

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The filigree design really caught my eye and I knew the Case-Mate Ivy Case would be the next case I'd get. It has a very different feel than any other case I have reviewed, almost like really dense foam. The case itself does not cover the front glass offering full access to the screen, but it comes with a screen protector that you can place on the glass to prevent scratches. The filigree décor is embossed and soft to touch but is also practical. It makes the case easier to hold and offers extra protection for your iPhone as well.

Overall, the Case-Mate Ivy Case is very easy to put on you iPhone and quite secure when in place (nothing is as annoying as a case that lets your iPhone4 wiggle around!) It comes in two different colors, black on white as shown in the video above and gallery below, as well as pink on whit.

The Case-Mate Ivy Case for iPhone 4 is just beautiful looking and is available now from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store.


  • Very stylish
  • Protection
  • Slip resistant for holding
  • Screen Protector included


  • Edges are a bit unfinished
  • Slightly larger than a feather case


TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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Reader comments

Case-Mate Ivy Case for iPhone 4 [Accessory review]


If you care about the back of your iPhone 4, stay far away from any cases of this rigidity. When dust and dirt particles get between the case and the phone, the case will actually scratch the back of your iPhone.
I'm surprised these are still selling, now that the back scratching effect is documented and well known.
There are plenty of cases of similar form, but made in a much less rigid material. (Basically, to avoid the scratches on the back, the case needs to be flexible enough to fold without breaking or being permanently deformed).

Georgia, totally didn't realize how gorgeous you were til this video - nice and "wow"! (Your pic on the right over there doesn't do you justice...) But I digress...
Thx for the review, but I have to agree with the other commenters - I'm not digging this case at all. One HUGE problem I have with it is the whole "partial cover" aspect. It just looks like the case only covers 3/4 of the bottom half of the phone. And judging from what you mentioned about the case feeling a little foamy/squishy, doesn't sound like a very long-term-reliable option. I'm a big fan of silicon/rubber cases as they seem to do the better job of absorbing impact when covering dropped phones. So this one's a no-go for me.

I like the partial case (like the air-jacket I use the most), and if I were to stumble upon this one in the wild, I'd definitely give it a shot. Nice to see the not-so-foofoo design, and I'll pass on the pink, but it looks nice. Love your ring, btw!