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Treat yourself to one of these $15 laptop stands and thank us later

You've spent $15 on sillier things in the past, so why not give this laptop stand a try to see how valuable it is on your desk?! Grab one today, before the price jumps back up.

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Keep your iPhone 7 display protected for just $17.85 today

The iPhone 7 has a beautiful display but if you are harsh on your phones it could start to show signs of age quickly. Keep it protected with Seidio’s Vitreo tempered glass screen protector for just $17.85 today!

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PayPal takes 15% off iTunes Gift Cards so you can save on music, movies, apps and more

PayPal's official eBay store is back again with more discounted iTunes gift cards. You can now grab a $100 option for only $85 so you can load up on Pokécoins, unlock the full Super Mario Run experience and more!

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This 3-pack of 10-ft lightning cables is now just $20

Ever find yourself wishing that an outlet was closer, or that you had a cable long enough to reach the one down the wall a bit further? The cables that come with iPhone and iPad these days isn't overly long, but you can change that!

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Add Apple's silicone case to your iPhone 6s for just $24.85 today

If you’re looking for a thin layer of protection for your iPhone 6s, Apple’s silicone case is a great option to consider for just $24.85 today!

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Grab this soft-touch stylus for just $6.87 today

A stylus can be a great way to navigate the interface of your phone, jot down quick notes, and more. If you don’t want to spend nearly $100 on an Apple Pencil, [Ventev’s soft-touch stylus can be yours for just $6.87 today!

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Protect all devices on your network forever for only $225

Ready to take your digital protection to the next level? Grab the CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall and automatically protect every network-connected device you own.

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Go wireless with Motorola's Moto Pulse Bluetooth headphones for $44.87

With Apple’s decision to drop the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, there has never really been a better time to get a pair of Bluetooth headphones like Motorola’s Moto Pulse which can be yours for just $44.87 today.

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Save $16 on this protective iPhone 7 case today!

Looking for a protective iPhone 7 case that doesn’t look ugly and add a ton of bulk to your phone? If so, check out Seidio’s Dilex case for just $18.87 today!

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Manage your PDFs like a pro with PDF Expert 2.0 for just $30

PDFs are great, they can help you easily send stuff around to others, send larger files in a smaller size and much more. Unfortunately, dealing with them can be a pain at times, especially if you need to sign them, merge them or anything else.

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