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Grab this microUSB to Lightning converter for just $7.95 today!

If you have a big collection of microUSB cables, you may be interested in an adapter that converts it to Lightning so you can charge your iPhone or iPad with your existing cables. The adapter is small and has a female microUSB port on one end with a Lightning connector on the other. Today, you can grab one for just $7.95.

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Keep your iPad Pro protected for just $39.95 today!

The iPad Pro is quite large, and adding a protective case is only going to make it bigger, but sometimes that is necessary. Ballistic’s Tough Jacket case will ensure you keep your iPad Pro safe while on the go, so you can use it on the job or while traveling without having to worry. Today, you can save 50% on the purchase, making it just $39.95.

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Grab this Apple Watch charging stand for just $16.95 today

If you don’t want to keep your Apple Watch laying flat while charging it, you may find yourself interested in Spigen’s stand. Compatible with both the 38 and 42mm watches, the stand uses your existing charging for charging, and provides a platform to keep your watch upright and easily accessible. Today, you can grab one for $16.95.

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Keep your iPhone 6S Plus screen protected for just $11.95 today!

The iPhone 6S Plus has a big display, which you likely will want to keep protected with Tru Protection’s tempered glass. This will prevent your screen from getting scratched, and may event help save it in the event of a fall. You can grab one for just $11.95 today.

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Grab this iPhone 6S clip case hardshell holster for $12.95 today!

Looking for a way to carry your iPhone 6S in its favorite case, plus some credit cards and cash without having to lug around a big bag all day? Meet Nite Ize’s clip case hardshell holster that secures to your hip and lets you place your personal items inside. Today, you can grab one for $12.95, a savings of $5.

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Grab some extra Lightning cables for just $11.95 each today!

Having a few space Lightning cables around is never a bad idea as you won’t know when you will need to get some extra juice. Whether you are looking to charge or sync, you will need one of these to get the job done. Today, you can grab an extra for $11.95, a savings of $8.

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Grab this iPhone 6S Plus case and holster combo for just $5.95 today!

The iPhone 6S Plus is large, and it doesn’t fit in everyone's pockets, but luckily Amzer’s Shellster case and holster helps solve that problem. You snap your phone in the thin case (that comes with a built-in kickstand), and that can then slide in a holster which will keep your phone safely secured to your hip. Today, you can save $14 on the purchase, dropping the price to just $5.95.

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Show off your iPhone 6S color while remaining protected for just $6.95 today!

If you don’t want to hide the color of your phone, but want to add some protection, Amzer’s SlimGrip hybrid case may be just what you are looking for. The thin design protects the sides, and the clear back shows off the color of your phone while protecting it. Today, you can grab one for $6.95.

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Save $10 on this six foot Lightning cable today!

If the standard 3 foot charger isn’t long enough for you, KODIAK’s 6.6 foot Lightning cable may be the one you are looking for. Wrapped in a nylon fiber cloth, the cable is likely to last through some travel and abuse. Today, you can grab one for $14.95, a $10 savings.

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Keep your Apple Watch protected with this two pack of bumper cases for $12.95

The Apple Watch can be fairly durable for daily use, but if you find yourself in situations where you could use a bit more protection, Seidio’s bumper cases make for a great addition. You’ll get both a black and clear bumper to protect your Apple Watch, and best of all today you can save 50% on the purchase. Grab the two pack for just $12.95!

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