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Turn a MicroUSB cable into a Lightning cable for just $7.95!

Do you find yourself surrounded by MicroUSB cables instead of Lightning cables? If so, this handy adapter is something you’ll want to keep in your pocket or bag. It will turn the cables from MicroUSB to Lightning, allowing you to charge and sync your iPhone and iPad with them. Right now you can pick the adapter up for just $7.95.

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This iPad Pro stylus is just $12.95 today!

Want a stylus for your iPad Pro but don’t have the money for an Apple Pencil? If so, Lynktec’s TruGlide Pro is a great option to consider if precision is not what you need. For basic drawing, navigating the interface and more, this stylus is a great choice, and right now you can pick one up for $12.95.

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Digital Offers: Save 99% on the Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course & Certification!

Become the marketing guru you know you can be, and do it for a tiny fraction of the regular price! This deal is too good to pass up.

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Grab a rugged iPhone 6s pouch for just $16.95 today!

Want a rugged holster to keep your iPhone 6s safe on your hip? If so, Rugged’s QX XXL horizontal pouch is a great option to keep your phone well protected. The magnetic flap will keep the pouch closed when you aren’t trying to access it, and right now you can grab one for just $16.95!

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Grab Apple's iPhone 6s silicone case for just $22.95 today!

Do you like the look of Apple’s Silicone case for your iPhone 6s but not the price tag of it? If so, grab one here at a nice discount. The case offers a form fit and a nice layer of protection and style to the phone. Right now you can grab one for just $22.95.

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Digital Offers: Become a professional photo editor for only $29!

Learning how to become a Photoshop master doesn't have to be overwhelming with the Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle.

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This Lightning cable with aluminum housing is just $13.95 today!

Tired of your Lightning cables always breaking on you? If so, KODIAK’s Lightning cable with aluminum housing should be your next purchase. The housing will make the cable even more durable to withstand your abuse, and right now you can pick one up for $13.95.

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Digital Offers: Get a year's worth of all the movies and TV shows you can handle for only $19!

Don't wait to watch all of your favorite shows, listen to radio from all around the world, or stream live concerts and sports. Get a 1-year subscription to SelectTV and save 47% at iMore Offers!

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Save 50% on this iPhone 6s screen protector today!

Want to keep the screen of your iPhone 6s looking good for as long as you have it? If so, Ventev’s screen protector is a great option to check out. The easy to install protector can be yours for just $4.95.

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Digital Offers: Enjoy error-free writing for a year for only $30!

We've all sent import emails or documents out with typos or grammar issues, but WhiteSmoke Premium is there to help with all of that. Through iMore Offers, you can get a 1-year licence for only $30!

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