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Turn pesky Micro-USB cables into useful Lightning cables for just $7.95!

Are you the only one of your friends or family that has an iPhone and always have an issue finding a Lightning cable to charge with because of it? If so, this handy adapter is a must-have for you. It will turn those useless Micro-USB cables into Lightning cables that you can actually use to charge and sync. Right now you can pick one up for just $7.95!

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Save $25 on this iPhone 7 Plus leather holster today!

Not a fan of cases but don’t want your new iPhone 7 Plus getting scratched up in your pocket? If so, check out Story Leather’s belt clip holster will keep your phone safely secured to your hip and let you use it without a case the rest of the time. Right now you can pick one up for $34.95, a savings of $25.

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Digital Offers: Get an EasilyDo lifetime subscription for only $20!

Never miss another meeting, birthday, or flight again, and keep track of all your contacts with EasilyDo for $19.99, 90% off the regular price!

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This nylon braided Lightning cable is just $12.95 today!

Have you ever had a Lightning cable fray on you from normal use? It can be very frustrating, but this nylon braided one should help solve that problem. The cable’s braiding will help it hold up better to normal wear and tear, and right now you can pick up a 2m version for just $12.95.

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Digital Offers: $39 will ensure you never run out of storage again!

Everybody who has a computer, PC or Mac, knows that eventually, you're going to run out of space on your hard drive. Photos, documents, videos, music, presentations, notes, memos, and everything else, all eat away at the precious storage space. Of course, when your hard drive is full, you then have to spend a ton of time going through all your files and deciding what you can delete; it's a giant time waster. That's why cloud storage services are so popular today.

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This protective clear iPhone 6s case is just $16.95 today!

Want a protective case for your iPhone 6s that is also clear? If so, check out Seidio’s LUMA series case which combines the two very well. It won’t add much bulk to your phone and also doesn’t take away from the color that you picked. Right now you can score one for just $16.95!

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Digital Offers: Get your Mac running smoothly for the price you want to pay!

Your Mac computer is already an efficient, productive machine, but sometimes having a bit of reinforcement when it comes to running particular apps and programs can take your Mac from a 10 to an 11.

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Grab a replacement Apple USB charger for just $18.95!

Need to pick up a spare charger for your iPhone or iPad and prefer Apple’s own offering? If so, you can luckily buy an extra without having to buy a new phone or iPad. The charger comes with a 3.3-foot Lightning cable and the wall charging brick. Right now you can pick one up for just $18.95!

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Save 50% on this iPhone 7 spring clip holster today!

Not a fan of cases and don’t like to have your iPhone 7 unprotected in your pocket? If so, Seidio’s spring clip holster is a great choice to pick up. The holster will make it easy to store your phone on your hip, and right now you can pick it up for just $14.95!

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Digital Offers: Get started with iOS 10 and Swift 3 for just $45

Now that iOS 10 has officially launched with all of its great new features you may see some areas of opportunity for a new app that people could use. Unfortunately, going from concept to being live in the App Store isn't an overnight task and the coding and development that goes into the apps can be hard to learn on your own.

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