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Protect your iPhone 6s screen for just $11.95 today!

Don’t let the screen of your iPhone 6s get all scratched up from daily use. Keep it protected with Tru Protection’s tempered glass screen protector, which happens to be easy to install and fits great. If you act quick, you can save 40% on the purchase, making it just $11.95.

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Save 50% on an extra set of Apple's EarPods today!

Looking for a spare set of earbuds for your iPhone or iPad, and like the ones that Apple has bundled with them? Luckily, Apple sells the EarPods with remote and mic for your purchasing pleasure. You can save 50% on the purchase right now, dropping the price to just $14.95.

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This leather iPhone 6s belt holster is $34.95 today!

Looking to keep your iPhone 6s on your hip without needing a bulky case to do so? Story Leather’s belt clip holster lets you store your phone safely on your hip without adding any bulk when you are using it. You can add this layer of protection and ease to carrying your phone for $34.95 today!

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Keep your iPhone and iPad charged in the car for just $13.95 today!

If you spend any part of your day in a car, you should have a charger in there just in case. Ventev’s 2A car charger has a built-in Lightning cable, and a full-sized USB slot to plug in an extra cable. Today, you can pick one up for $13.95.

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Save 50% on this iPhone 6s Plus holster today!

You don’t need a big bulky case to keep your iPhone 6s Plus safe when you aren’t using it. Seidio’s spring-clip holster gives you a safe place to keep your phone secured to your hip without the need to keep it in a case. You can grab one for $14.95 today.

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This case turns your iPhone 6s into a wallet for just $12.95 today!

Your iPhone 6S can make mobile payments if your bank supports it, but if you still prefer to carry around the plastic cards, this case may be for you. Amzer’s full body hybrid credit card case lets you store your cards and ID right inside your iPhone 6s case. Right now, you can grab this case for just $12.95.

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Keep your iPhone 6s protected and easily accessible for just $4.95 today

Depending on your work environment, you may need to have your iPhone 6s well protected and easily accessible at all times. Amzer’s Snap On case accomplishes this by giving you a hard, protective case for the phone that can then slide into the included belt holster. Today you can pick the pair up for $4.95.

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Save $25 on this iPhone 6S Plus leather belt clip holster today!

The iPhone 6S Plus is large enough to begin with, and adding a case for daily use can make it even bigger and harder to hold. This leather belt clip from Story Leather gives you a safe place to keep the phone when it isn’t in your hands and doesn’t add bulk to your regular use. You can pick one up for $34.95 today, a savings of $25.

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Save 50% on a screen protector for your 12.9-inch iPad Pro today!

The 12.9-inch display of your iPad Pro may be the largest screen that you carry around on a daily basis and you should keep it protected. Tru Protection’s screen protectors will not only prevent scratches but also help reduce some glare on the display. You can pick one up for $14.95 today, a 50% savings.

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This clear case can light up when your iPhone 6S gets notifications for $16.95 today!

If you are looking for a clear case to show off your iPhone 6S while keeping it protected, look no further. Seidio’s LUMA case offers great protection to the back and sides of the phone, while not making it too bulky. You can grab one for just $16.95 today!

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