Celebrate Easter and springtime with your kids with Pat the Bunny for iPhone and iPad

Celebrate Easter and springtime with your kids with Pat the Bunny for iPhone and iPad

Pat the Bunny is an hands-on book for toddlers and preschoolers that features 14 fully interactive scenes for your kids to explore. Each scene also has an egg hunt that is sure to put your kids in the Easter spirit.

The scenes in Pat the Bunny include playing peek-a-boo, making ducks swim, watering flowers, breaking a piñata, and other fun activities. Your kids even gets to look in a mirror using the front-facing camera of your iPhone or iPad.

One of the extra fun features of Pat the Bunny is that there is a coloring mode that turns all the pages of the story into pages of a coloring book. Since the app is designed for young ones who haven't quite mastered coloring, yet, your child simply has to move his finger across the screen to color the scene. The correct colors will automatically fill in.

The good

  • 14 interactive scenes for kids to explore
  • An Easter egg hunt in every scene
  • A magical paint mode transforms every page into a colorable activity
  • Immersive music and playful sound effects
  • Optimized for Retina Display and iPhone 5
  • Watch and listen as words are highlighted while the text is read aloud, turn off the narration and read at your own pace, or record your own voice to play on each page
  • Support for iPhone 5

The bad

  • No complaints

The bottom line

Pat the Bunny is a really cute kids book. Since it's interactive, Pat the Bunny is a fun app to use with your child and discover the scenes together. The Easter eggs hunts are particularly fun with little ones because they light up and get excited every time they find an egg -- my 2-year-old daughter does, anyway!

Happy Easter!

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Celebrate Easter and springtime with your kids with Pat the Bunny for iPhone and iPad


What a wonderful app. Great way to celebrate Easter with kids. I could easily see myself paying $2.99 for this app in order to play with my little nieces. It's like a small book that is interactive. Truly enjoyable, especially the paint function. Absolutely amazing.