Celebrate May 4th with a bunch of reductions on Star Wars games for Mac!

Star Wars: KOTOR

May the fourth be with you this coming Sunday and Aspyr Media has a bunch of Star Wars games for Mac on sale to help you celebrate. We're looking at good savings too on titles such as Knights of the Old Republic and Empire At War of 60% on the regular purchase price. So not to be sniffed at if you've yet to pick them up.

All are available through the Mac App Store at the links below. We might not be able to geek out on the Star Wars movies through the iTunes Store yet but at least we're well catered for on the gaming front! They're not on sale for long, though, so grab 'em while they're hot!

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Celebrate May 4th with a bunch of reductions on Star Wars games for Mac!


Should fix the title on the second game, "Star Wars: Jedi Knight". That's not the game, there's a different game with that name. I was extremely excited and confused (Because the actual game has never had a Mac release), only to find out it's actually Jedi Academy.

KOTOR is absolutely fantastic. Gotta say.

There was a pervasive and nondeterministic crashing issue on 7.1. But it has been fixed in 7.1.1. I got the game about a year ago, went all the way through (light side only, of course), and recently started all over again. Crashed randomly every 15 or 20 seconds on 7.1. But for some reason 7.1.1 fixed all of that, even without an update to the app itself.