Which celebrity would you most like to see talking with Siri in an iPhone commercial?

Which celebrity would you most like to see talking with Siri in an iPhone commercial?

Last week Apple debuted two new iPhone 4S commercials, once again highlighting the still-in-beta Siri, but this time using celebrities Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel to do the demos (does Santa count as the first celebrity?). Apple rarely uses celebrities in their advertising, so maybe this is the beginning of something new and exciting? Could there be more celebrity Siri spots in the future? And if so, who would you like to see?

  • Christian Bale: "Oh, good for you, Siri!"
  • James Earl Jones: "Sir, I... am... your... father!"
  • Sean Connery: "No, Shiri, I shaid Jammy Dodger!"

The possibilities are nearly as endless as they are entertaining.

If you have a great idea for a celebrity Siri conversation, head on over and add it to our Siri Forum. We'll pick the best ones and feature them right here on the site!


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There are 68 comments. Add yours.

mikelcal says:

+1000, although i'm pretty sure the man has a TI-86 as a phone

Brisco County says:

The girl two stories below this one.

Frankie says:

Ummm...who could give a flying $&@%??

Jason Masters says:

How is that remotely funny why would the leader of The free world need to steal racist jokes are lame like you.

Todd says:

You are the only one who cited race. Typical libtard.

Atmatt says:

How about anyone from the iMore staff. Lol that's be cool.

CORYK333 says:

Don't we see enough of that overrated he/she thing already??

Lucas Teffene says:

Yvonne Strahovski !
Beautifull voice ! (not only....)

Watcher says:

I was just on apple.com and saw ole Samuel.

WreakingHavoc says:

The old dude from the Diabetes commercial. Wilfred Brimly I think his name is.

dloveprod says:

None of them, they cost too much. We don't need celebrities to sell iPhones.

Jason Masters says:

Hell yeah he is a character!

JPiLLa says:

Whats the opposite of Christopher Reeves? Christopher Walken!

CORYK333 says:

Yea, Walken would be dope!!!! Have him bust out some of his slick dance moves!!!

Sprngr says:

He has the cowbell for his ringtone...

Watcher says:

Chuck Norris
"The iPhone is amazing... but not as amazing as me!"
"The screen is Chuck Norris proof!"

Patrick says:

Tupac Shakur (hologram)

Alex says:

Tim Cook, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs

Dark_Blu says:

Kate Beckinsale decked out in her UNDERWORLD CHARACTER garb. But then that would have to accompany an Underworld Movie and I don't think the last one is on DVD yet.

Dark_Blu says:

But then, there's Scarlett Johansen and there is an Avengers Movie tie in opportunity. So yea. Scarlett Johansen as BLACK WIDOW from the upcoming Avengers Movie.

Dark_Blu says:

Christina Aquilera would be "entertaining" in a Siri Commercial for "A couple of reasons". >:-)

SEMDI says:
  1. Bill Gates
  2. Ice-T
  3. Lil Jon
TimmyTwo2 says:

LOL Lil Jon would be awesome. Have him keep saying "What?" to Siri.

rewNATION says:

I hate those commercials especially the zooey one. That chick grinds my gears. anyway, i'd like to see maybe bill murray or walken

Charles says:

Kim Kardashian, Snooky or Octomom!

OrionAntares#CB says:

Anyone that speaks with an accent or heavy regional dialect.

Mikeyp858 says:

Megan Fox, then the phone will transform and try to kill her. Then bumblebee comes into frame and blows it up

Schrutefarms says:

Jason Segal and the muppets.

Ramsay says:

Jerry Sadowitz or Frankie Boyle , need to be an "R" rated advert of course

Eric says:

Pee Wee Herman - "I'm trying to use the phone!"

Drew770 says:

George Bush and/or Al Gore = very different speaking styles but very humorous plus I would love to see their life out of the spotlight
Bob Newhart = great deadpan humor
3 Stooges = who doesn't love Larry, Moe & Curly!!!!

Joe says:

Ozzy Osbourne...if Siri can decipher that, we know she's ready for primetime. LOL.

iDonev says:

I'd love to spy shots of CEOs of competing phone companies talking to Siri!

JtPDX says:

George W. Bush! Sophia Vergara!

LaToya AKA Digital Nightmare says:

Rihanna, she actually uses a white iPhone 4S.

henry007 says:

Angelina Jolie aka evelyn Salt

Lee J. says:

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

iTwe4k says:

Maybe Ashton kutcher since he's gonna play Steve in the movie.

robert.walter says:

Shatner. But it has to be with classic over the top Shacting... Or a kind of good natured super self parody (maybe in a gold velour shirt and without toupee.)