CEOh-Snap: RIM Blames iPhone for AT&T Bold-faced Delays!

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Pop quiz. You announce the hawt new tic-tac-tile handset in May for a Summer release yet Summer comes and goes, and one of the largest carriers in one of the largest geekphone markets in the world (that'd be AT&T in the USA) keeps rejecting your firmware -- over and over again.

Do you push (ha!) back and tell AT&T to first fix their 3G networks, which many now believe amount to the old 2G networks with rabbit-ears welded on top? Do you tell them to shove it up their UTMS and pour all your efforts in the risky virtual keyboard you're hoping will take Verizon by storm (ho!)? Or do you try to shift focus to the device that forced you to take the risky virtual keyboard risk in the first place, the device that hasn't yet touched (hee!) your market share, but sucked every inch of mind share out of your smartphone space?

What do you do? Well, if you're internet dead-pan funny man Mike Lazaridis, CEO of RIM and maker of the sales-leading Blackberry business-monster, do we really even have to ask?

Says Lazaridis (via

"There's great scrutiny, as you might know, on that network and a certain device. So I guess everyone wants to be sure on every last test." [...] Lazaridis appeared confident that the Bold would not be subject to the iPhone's problems. "We're very meticulous about what our product does."

You mean like after Crackberry Kevin brought a Rogers Bold to New York?

Jump off the plane at La Guardia, and within 48 hours of roaming on AT&T my BlackBerry Bold randomly rebooted itself 5 times, dropped 6 calls while talking (and 3 dropped after only one ring before I could answer) and at one point gave me an Invalid SIM Card error for no reason at all (soft reboot fixed it). Furthermore, my battery life tanked - the Bold was regularly switching between 3G and Edge which I think soaked back a lot of the juice. All in all, I wasn't happy. It wasn't the same phone that I was using when I boarded the plane, and the only thing that changed was the Network.

So, er, yeah... What's causing them delays again?

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CEOh-Snap: RIM Blames iPhone for AT&T Bold-faced Delays!


Is this really a shock to anyone? There were rumors a while back that the Bold suffered from the same issues the iPhone 3g has suffered. Now, time to get back to see if my MobileMe is pushing... I blame you Rene, always talking about your Gmail having issues... ;) Now since the 2.1 firmware I've had nothing but issues with MobileMe.

@Frog I want to say RIM does have software so you can sync with iTunes. I'm almost positive about it. Although I'm sure not all of the features are there.

BlackBerry Media sync allows you to sync your blackberry with itunes playlists. Though you could always drag and drop music from itunes into your BB sd card