#CESLive: Expanding iPhone Photography with Olloclip

The iPhone's camera has improved in leaps and bounds - optical quality is better than ever, and Apple's attention to the sensor, combined with better software, makes it possible to take truly stunning photos with your device. But there's always room for improvement.

And that's where Olloclip comes in. Olloclip makes snap-on lenses for the iPhone that enable you to take your photography to the next step. The company sells four-in-one kits and individual lenses as well.

Patrick O'Neil from Olloclip dropped by to show Cali Lewis and Android Central's own Phil Nickinson a bit about how the lenses work.

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Peter Cohen

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#CESLive: Expanding iPhone Photography with Olloclip


Very cool! I've had my eye on the 4-in-1 for a while but now I really want the new macro too.

I got an olloclip on ebay recently for $45 and I love taking pictures with it! I use it all the time.