#CESlive: Mix the perfect drink every time with Brookstone's drink scale and iOS app

Kevin and Cali are live at CES 2014 talking to Brookstone, makers of the HAPIfork, about their Perfect Drink app for both iOS and Android that pairs with their scale for mixing drinks. Just set your glass on the scale, pick the drink you'd like to make, and as you start adding ingredients, the Perfect Drink scale by Brookstone takes care of the rest.

Once you've got the Brookstone scale set up, it pairs automatically with the free Perfect Drink app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device in order to help you mix the perfect drink. If you add too much of something, the recipes automatically adjust accordingly so your drink comes out perfect every time.

Be sure to check out the video above to check out the Perfect Drink scale as well as lots of other new products from Brookstone. They'll also tell you how you can save $10 on your purchase of a Brookstone Perfect Drink scale.

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#CESlive: Mix the perfect drink every time with Brookstone's drink scale and iOS app


Dumbest idea ever. Basic physics tells us, only so much mass can fit into a space. So if you over pour one thing, that means you have to pour more of the other to keep the consistency the same. Well, how does that work unless you shift everything in the glass into a larger glass?