#CESlive: Multi-Camera Live Editing on iOS with Vizzywig

John P and Rene sit down with Neal from Vizzywig, showing off the live multi-camera editing software for iOS. If you're a videographer or interested in shooting advanced video and making an iPad or iPhone a cornerstone of your process, you have to check this out.

What's more, Neal offered a special tip: the iPhone 5s's 8 megapixel sensor, in coordination with their Fast Camera app, is capable of recording 4K video! It's on sale as a CES special for $6 - watch the video for more details.

As always, you'll get all the iOS and Mac-related news from CES if you visit our #CESlive Superpage.

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Peter Cohen

Mac Managing Editor of iMore and weekend Apple Product Professional at a local independent Apple reseller. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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#CESlive: Multi-Camera Live Editing on iOS with Vizzywig