#CESlive: Qardio brings health monitoring solutions to the masses

Mark and Rosario from Qardio stopped by the #CESlive stage to discuss their latest products focused on health.

The Qardio Arm is a blood pressure monitor that is app-connected and looks to bring heart-health monitoring solution to the masses. In the case of the Qardio Arm, it can run on four AAA batteries work for more than year. Available April in the US and EU for $99

Their other solution is the Qardio Core, a on-the-go ECG machine that's also app connected, and just as accurate as medical grade units. It's waterproof and wearable all day, and priced at $449.

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#CESlive: Qardio brings health monitoring solutions to the masses


Nice inventive products for the consumer. This can be used by doctors as well. Great interview! Both can save you a lot of money overtime if you need these tests regularly.

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Now sports labs will be using this to justify increased service fees because it's new & advanced, "latest technologies".
It's still really awesome - almost like the little pieces of tech you'd see in the "Sickbay" of the Enterprise.