#CESLive: Revolve Robotics - Telepresence on Your Desk

One continuing trend evident at CES this year: Robotics. Whether it's robots to clean your house or robots to roam the office, it seems like robots are here to stay.

Revolve Robotics' Kubi is an interesting entry into this market. It's a telepresence robot - designed for telecommuters or remote workers who want or need to attend meetings but can't be there in person. Using Facetime or other teleconference apps and an iPad, you can see and be seen, and you can even interact - panning and tilting to view other people or things in the room.

Marcus and Ilya from Revolve Robotics stopped by and showed off the Kubi and how it works to Rene and John P.

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#CESLive: Revolve Robotics - Telepresence on Your Desk

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These things look like so much fun...
Sadly, I have no use for one, but I want one.
(The hallmark of a well designed product.)

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