#CESlive: Structure offers 3D scanning right on your iPad

Imagine being able to use a sensor to scan the room that you are in on your iPad and then have it digitalize instantly. The folks at Structure have introduced their Sensor product which allows you to do all of this with a simple add on piece to the iPad.

On the attachment they have made use of both infrared and structured light so give the depth in addition to the colors the camera can already produce. Making use of this technology they are able to do 3D scanning, indoor mapping and augmented reality gaming.

Jeff Powers and Adam Rodnitzky of Structure were kind enough to give Cali and Rene a run through of how the product works, and a little more insight on all of the technology being used. Be sure to check out the full video above and see just how cool this product really is.

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#CESlive: Structure offers 3D scanning right on your iPad


This reminds me so much of the iOS app "Seene", but on steroids! I can see this being a really awesome tool for game developers and anyone into product prototyping. I can imagine modeling w/clay and digitizing it via Structure's Sensor device.
Awesomely cool!

Really useful to those who need a simpler way to input and save 3D designs. Now if only 3D printers are not so darn expensive then we can just make all the cool things we can think of.